Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request to delete and remove all my personal and account details?

If you have cancelled your subscription with us and would also like us to delete and remove all your personal data and account details please email Stephen, Head of Student Zen ( who will be happy to assist.

Please note that if you choose to have you account and data fully removed we will not be able to recover any of your course progress, projects, challenges, certificates or other member content. Thanks for your understanding.

I have previously completed a BYOL course on Udemy / Skillshare - how can I earn my certificate on

Excellent question! We'd love to award you a BYOL certificate.

First you need to be a current member here at If you've previously completed one of our courses over on Udemy or Skillshare this is how you can get your BYOL certificates for those, now you're a member of our community.

1. Check that we have certificates available on the course. A full list of our courses that currently have certificates are listed on this page.

2. You'll need to upload all your Class Projects for the course into the My Projects area in your account. You can find more about how to do this by visiting the course on our website and watching the 'How to earn my certificate' video lesson.

3. When all your work is uploaded you can 'Request your certificate'. We have a video in the course for that too - 'How to request your certificate', it'll be towards the end of the course for you to follow.

4. You'll then need to email Stephen, our Head of Student Zen here at BYOL, and attach your Udemy certificate or if you completed the course on Skillshare - a screenshot that shows you've completed the course. Email Stephen at:

What happens after I request my certificate?

Our specialist teaching assistants check that you have watched the course videos and look through your class projects and take this opportunity to give feedback on your work. We then award your certificate and you’ll receive a notification by email when your certificate is ready to view and download in your account.

I've completed all the requirements on my course, do I automatically get a certificate now?

Our certificates are not automatically awarded (no computers or robots here!). You need to click the 'request my certificate' button which you can find on the 'How to request my certificate' page in the course or in the class projects folder in your account. We then check your work, leave feedback and then award your certificate.

How can I delete or change some work I have uploaded?

You can manage all your class projects in My Account > My Projects and find your course folder in the top dropdown menu. You can make changes here - delete work, re-upload, add more and add notes to your projects at any time until you’re happy with how everything looks.

Where do I upload my class projects?

On each class project video in courses that offer certificates you'll find an upload button. You can also manage your class projects at any time in the 'My Projects' area of your account and selecting the course you'd like to upload work to in the course folder drop down menu.

Why are merit and distinction levels not available yet?

We’re working on expanding and rolling out certificates as fast as we can and we’ll be making announcements as the new levels become available. Click here to register your interest to be kept up to date on specific courses (or all courses!).

You can also join The VIP Testing Squad and help us test and develop this and upcoming features on our site.

Why are certificates not available for all courses?

We're working hard to roll out certificates to all our courses as quickly as possible. Click here to register your interest to be kept up to date on course certificates that you are interested in.

Are your courses for Mac or PC?

Our courses can be followed using a Mac or PC. 

In the course videos Dan uses a Mac but gives PC equivalent keyboard shortcuts. The Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software is the same across Mac and PC although some menu items may be labelled slightly differently or under a different menu title.

We're confident that you can follow along and get the most out of the courses whether you have a PC or a Mac.

Where are the Design Challenges?

The BYOL Design Challenges can be found here:

How do I add extra details to my downloadable invoices?

Go to MY ACCOUNT > INVOICES. Add the details you’d like to see on your invoice to the box > SAVE > DOWNLOAD. These details will appear on each invoice until you choose to edit/delete the details from the box.

How do I download my invoices?*


*Subscribed on the old BYOL site via PayPal?

Go to your PayPal account to download your invoices. Unfortunately you can’t download them from the BYOL site.

What do I get access to with a monthly/yearly subscription?

With either a monthly or yearly subscription you get unlimited access to all of our courses, the ability to ask questions and get help from the community and the BYOL team. You'll also get access to all of the exercise and completed files as well as access to exclusive member only content like design challenges and podcasts. Click here to find out more about our membership benefits.

What happens when I cancel?

I will miss you ;) And… you’ll move back to the free subscription. You can still watch all the free videos but you won't be able to watch the paid videos, download class files or access our other member exclusive content like podcasts and challenges.

We will keep your course progress, projects, challenge submissions and certificates safe for you in your account. Log back in at any time.

I need to ask a question, where do I do that?

We understand sometimes students need to ask questions to get more information. There's 2 different places you might want to ask a question: 1. If your question is about something in a course or about a course then use the comment section beneath the videos in the course. 2. If you have a question about billing, your account etc., then use the contact us form found at the bottom of the site.

Do you offer Certificates for your courses?

Yes! We have newly launched certificates and rolling them out across our courses soon. For more information on how to work towards a certificate and which of our courses award them - visit

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please click the MY ACCOUNT > SUBSCRIPTION link from the top right of your screen to cancel your subscription.