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38 - UX User Testing in Adobe XD

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Video Transcription

So we've built out our prototyping to go out to user testing now. We've got the interactions, working through prototyping tools, we've built out all the graphics, so it looks like a working project. So we're ready for user testing.

In this project I'm going to do just couple of basic user tests. We're going to do some moderated user testing, also known as Hallway testing or Over the Shoulder testing. What that means is that, the client's given us names of couple of people that would be really good potential matches to our persona. We're just going to meet them for coffee, get them to test it using our laptop. And we'll load on to the phone as well. We'll just watch them, it's moderated, so we watch them. We give them some basic tasks to do and we just take notes, and see how they work with it.

We'll also do some unmoderated testing for Instructor HQ. Basically that means going to a website and recruiting people. seems to be the most popular place to get it. It's cool, you can enter in details that they want. I want men or women, at this age, with these skills, with these interests. And they will find them for you. And you pay them, they're between 50-200 bucks a pop depending on what you need, and how specific you need to be. It's quick, easy, they video themselves and send it back to you.

Both have their pros and cons. In person testing is definitely better because you get to see all the kind of mannerisms, you get to see people video-ing, you only get to see the screen cast. So, both are useful. Now we're not going to cover user testing specifically in this course. We're sticking to more Adobe XD, I guess. Remember, I've got that other course for 'How to become an UX Designer'. That will go through user testing in a lot more detail.

All right, that is it for this video. Sorry for speaking too fast. I've realized I'm in my fast speaking mode. Bye now.

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