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26 - How to make a gradient & blur in Adobe XD

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Hey there, in this video I'm going to show you how to work with Gradients, move it around, pick colors, that sort of awesome thing. All right, let's go and make some gradients.

So in the last video we drew this shape with this squiggly line down the bottom. I'd like to add a gradient to it. They hide gradients a little bit, so if you click on Fill, where it says 'Solid Color' at the top, this is where you get to a gradient. And it's got a lot of the typical gradient options. You can grab one end, and play with the rotation. And that's the first end of the other side. So you can just play with the different sides, obviously. I'm going to undo mine, so it goes back to kind of its normal Fill. And what I want to do is, you can either work on the Line by clicking this little icon, then setting the color, or you can click on it up here in this little option at the top here.

So I'm going to have this color, the end color, so not white, just a bit darker. And probably just a little bit warmer, so I'm going to go to the yellows and I'm going to across just that little tiny bit. I want it to be quite a warm, maybe either not that much. Man, it's hard to pick this, one little tile. You can play with your Hue and Saturation brightness even though it's a little hard at the moment. And this first option here, it's just going to be plain old white. So I'm going to click on you, drag it to the corner. That's what I'm kind of looking for. It might be hard to see on your screen, just a really subtle, light gradient. I like doing these, it adds a little bit of richness, I think, to the background. And it's just kind of trendy at the moment. I'm going to get rid of the border.

Next thing I want to do is I want to have it to have a bit of Drop Shadow because I want it to cover the things underneath. Just look like it's kind of raised off the ground, some new shadow. You can play around with these settings, I'm using 0, 13, and 50 for the blur. X and Y just means that X is not going to the left, and Y means it's only going down, it's going down quite a bit. And in terms of the B, that's Blur, how blur it is, we turned up to 150, watch it, it kind of gets really blurry. It's up to you to see-- we're going up to 99, turns out. So I'm going to go down to maybe 50. And if you're not happy with the strength you can just click on this little icon, and crank it up to full black. I'm looking for an image underneath it, probably adjust it as I need it. All right, that's it for Gradients, and a little bit of a Drop Shadow Blur.

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