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The Top 10 Mistakes Online Course Creators Make - instructorHQ

Questions & Comments

Timothy Eichner - 4 months ago

Great video Dan and Tayla.

Regarding asking questions: The ability to ask questions is what drew me to BYOL. (and I've been using since almost it's inception and was sometimes frustrated not having that ability.) I hope you always keep that a fixture of BYOL.

Stephen Fawcett - 4 months ago

Just to expand on the comment below from Timothy. There are many videos being added all across this platform which is good, but I asked for help on a DW Bootstrap video when I was stuck 3 months ago ! and it was never answered. I've emailed 4 times and it's still not been answered even though you said it would, not good. If people are paying for content and you have committed giving help, you really have to do it. if you're not then you have taken to much on and you're over stretched which isn't fair to your customers.

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In this episode of the instructorHQ Show, Daniel and Tayla talk about the Top 10 Mistakes they made while creating Bring Your Own Laptop. What they could have done to grow their online courses quicker and things to avoid in the future. 

instructorHQ's interactive checklist for course planning, designed by Daniel Walter Scott and the team behind Bring Your Own Laptop is now live! This checklist will help you become an Online Course Creator, earning passive income on websites like Udemy, Skillshare and Thinkific. 

It includes the steps that Daniel uses to create his Top Selling courses. Daniel is a top instructor on sites like Udemy and Skillshare. Daniel also has his own site, which he hosts with

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