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87 - What next after your Photoshop Essentials class

Questions & Comments

msscti - 7 months ago

Thanks for the nice course, I have question about the certification, is there an PDF certification of completion the introductory photoshop course?

Kamran - 6 months ago

Thanks Dan. This course was very helpful for me.

XINJUAN DENG - 6 months ago

Awesome course! I will keep learning. Thanks so much.

Loz - 4 months ago

Awesome course. Thank you : )

Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago

Thanks Dan. I'd like to see a percentage of how many people googled "haere rā". I'll admit I'm guilty

Clive - 4 months ago

That was a very good course, now which one shall I do next? :)

Juan Zapata - 4 months ago

Thank you Dan!

Glenn Mathisen - 4 months ago

HA HA...... I made it. Awesome course.

Aizat - 3 months ago

Good stuff here Dan! Very useful course. Love the project based approach and not just doing it like the other 'photoshop beginner' classes. Highly recommended!

Joanna - 3 months ago

Excellent course Dan. I've been working as a MUA in the fashion industry for almost nine years. I love the creative part of my job, but I feel so dependent on photographer's skills or my clients needs. Three yeaars ago I I've created the online shop with luxury organic and cruelty-free beauty products. Having no budget I couldn't hire a graphic designer so I had to learn how to design banners, posters and other graphic content by myself. I was like a child in the fog, working intuitive. But I realized that I love graphic design. I'm on my brand new career path now. Your courses are so helpful and encouraging! You're an excellent teacher and mentor. Thank You so much!

Best wishes from Kraków


Tsvetelina Despotova - 2 months ago

Thanks a lot :) this course was very helpfull :) great tips explained simple

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Video Transcription

Hi there, you made it to the end. I am very proud of you; it's a long course. 
In this video we're going to talk about what to do next. So you finished the Photoshop Essentials. The easiest step might be going to the Photoshop Advanced Course. So yes, you could do this one, and that one next. Let's also talk about, like maybe industry specific next steps. So if you are a photographer you might find that the next step for you might be something like Lightroom. So Adobe Lightroom is very-- it has a lot of similar features to Photoshop. It's not as broad in terms of its manipulation but it's twice as good at the organization. 
So when you're filming as a photographer, or shooting as a photographer, you end up with like hundreds of photographs, and that kind of managing and organizing is where Lightroom really shines. Plus dealing with Camera Raw. So that might be your next step, Lightroom. 
If you're in the more graphic design space you might go to Illustrator or InDesign. I've got both courses for both of those in the Essentials and the Advanced. If you're more in the digital web, UI app space you might go on to-- I've got a Photoshop specifically for using it for web and UI app design. I throw in all of those, because they're interchangeable, not interchangeable, but they're in the similar sort of zone. So if you're going to be using it to make websites or apps then you might check out that Photoshop for Web course. 
You also might look at my Adobe XD course, and that is experienced designer. And that's for people who, say you manipulate your photographs, get them ready in Photoshop, and then you lay them out in a website or an app using Adobe XD. The perks of that is that XD takes a lot of the work of all stitching it together into a working model. We saw in an earlier video, I showed you my mock up of a website. XD can actually add the buttons, and actually make it work for a prototype. It's not a full website, but it's a prototype. Also if you're in that web space I've got Illustrator for UI and Web Design as well. A lot of people use that instead of Photoshop or XD, it's up to you in your skill base. 
That is the end of this course. It was a good one, right? It was a long one. And congratulations to make it to the end. I know from the stats that not many people make it here. You've made it, we're here at the end. I'm afraid nobody makes it to the end, but if you ever do it, thank you. So I'm going to wave for a while, and I hope to see you in another one of my courses. haere rā.

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