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35 - Class Project - Selecting hair

Questions & Comments

Lesley Smith - 8 months ago

Select + mask project

Juanita - 7 months ago

Awesome work on the hair Lesley!

Kim Edwards - 8 months ago

Running an old version of Photoshop, but my attempt at Mask

Juanita - 7 months ago

oh wow...I really could do this for hours! Is it easier doing this with a tablet?

Ron Doran - 7 months ago

Select & mask project

David White - 7 months ago

San Cristobal de las Casas - Mexico

Kamran - 6 months ago

Class project

Alba Camilleri - 5 months ago

Here's my project.

Daniel Kyriacou - 5 months ago

Here's mine. I think I fiddled too much

Carlos Álvarez Castillo - 5 months ago

enjoying so much the course!

Glenn Mathisen - 4 months ago

Tried to match the background and did som color edits.

Daisy-May Nash - 4 weeks ago

This looks more natural than the original!!

Juan Zapata - 4 months ago

selecting hair

Renee Luckey - 3 months ago

Not sure if the lighting is right for this background....

Tsvetelina Despotova - 3 months ago

whent over board with the colours, but kind of liked it :)

Daisy-May Nash - 4 weeks ago

Not too happy with mine but it's practicing that matters for me right now!

Alexandre Janus - 3 days ago

Class Project - Selecting hair

Lewis - 58 minutes ago

Here's my attempt!

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Video Transcription

Hi there, it is class project time. Basically it is practicing what we learned in the last video tutorial. I've picked an image for you, this one's by Timothy Paul Smith. It's an Unsplash image, but you can use your own, but this one here is, really good kind of, I guess example of something, it's not shot in a studio, the lighting is a lot more contrasting and natural. A really good image to practice on. 
So I want you to mask it out, and put it on to your own background. You can find a background on either Unsplash, or through Google Images. And here are the tasks, so I've built a class projects file. It's this Word doc, you can go check it out, if you can't remember what you need to do. It is in your 'Exercise Files', under 'Projects' and there it is, 'Class Projects'. If you open that up, you'll get to here. 
This is what I want you to do, open this image, make your initial selection with the Quick Selection Tool. Use that Select & Mask we learnt in the last video to fix the edges. Add it to another background that you find intervening on the background. You might leave it as is, but you might do some Drop Shadow or play around with the levels to get them to match, and then, like always, I'd love to see what you did. 
So share them on the site, or share them with me, on Instagram, I am bringyourownlaptop. Tag me in, I'd love to see what you do. So that's it, my Photoshop lovers. I will see you in the next video right after you do your homework. Go on, go do it, bye now.

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