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71 - Class Project - Paper Cut Effect

Questions & Comments

Ashok Kumar Patel - 8 months ago

Please find the below attached papercut screenshot for letter A

Administrator Tayla Coman - 7 months ago

Very cool colors!

Lesley Smith - 8 months ago


Administrator Tayla Coman - 7 months ago

Everyone is coming up with such cool color schemes, great work, Lesley.

cheryl ramsay - 7 months ago

Watching your tutorials at SFO right now, so I figured I would give you an airport scene :)

Ron Doran - 7 months ago

Paper Cut Project

Kamran - 6 months ago

class project

XINJUAN DENG - 6 months ago


Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago


Juan Zapata - 4 months ago

paper cut effect

Aizat - 3 months ago


Aizat - 3 months ago

another version. omg. this paper cut project is so fun indeed!

Tsvetelina Despotova - 2 months ago

Cut out

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Video Transcription

You are not going to be surprised what this class assignment is. I want you to take the effects that we learned in the last video and use your own text, your own colors, better than mine, and your own fonts. 
You can do that just one straight name, or like I did, I kind of had them all on their own layer with different ones, because I was practicing, and all the different colors. 
When you're finished, please share them with me either on Instagram, I am bringyourownlaptop, or here on the assignments, or in the comments. Take a screenshot, show me what you did, show me what colors you picked. On to the next video.

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