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41 - Class Project – Oil Painting

Questions & Comments

Lesley Smith - 8 months ago


Juanita - 7 months ago

Oily chilli :-D

Ron Doran - 7 months ago

Unable to complete apologies Oil Painting is greyed out

Kamran - 6 months ago

Class Project

Alba Camilleri - 5 months ago

Simple but fun :)

Juan Zapata - 4 months ago

oil painting

Tsvetelina Despotova - 3 months ago

me :)

Daisy-May Nash - 3 weeks ago

Here's mine!

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Video Transcription

Hey there, it is homework time; it's an easy one. 
Find an image, your own image. Get something off your phone, it can be a picture of you, and I want you to convert your Layer to a 'Smart Filter', and I want you to convert your Layer up here to 'Convert for Smart Filters'. 
Then go into Stylize, and go to 'Oil Paint', and just mess about a little bit. When you finish, share it with me. A super easy homework job. 
When you finish, print it out on a big canvas, to get above the fireplace, where all good paintings should go. All right, see you in the next video.

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