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72 - CLASS EXERCISE: Create your own business card

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Questions & Comments

Kate OConnell - 9 months ago

Sample business card from data merge activity. Fun and useful exercise!

Daniel Kyriacou - 6 months ago

That was a bit of fun.

It looks like the logo is too high up and the text is in too far but it's not showing the bleeds or crop marks.

Brian Andalora - 1 month ago

Hey Daniel K! Nice idea. Maybe try bolding Daniel Scott name and keep on the same line. Perhaps put the word "Auckland" on its own line so as not to cover up camera lens. If black and white is what you were going for as the look, great job! If you want to add in a contrast color, perhaps a dark or light green on Daniel Scott's name. Just a suggestion.

Stephen Outlaw - 3 months ago

Hi Scott - My sample biz card FYI. Your comments appreciated - thanks!

Brian Andalora - 2 months ago

Here is my business card.

Brian Andalora - 2 months ago

FYI- I corrected spacing after the word "Direct"

Glenn - 1 month ago

Hope I have done this right? Start doing a diploma Graphic Design this has been a good warm up I hope...

Brian Andalora - 1 month ago

Hello Glen, I am a Senior Graphic Designer for 16 years, but a fellow student. I like your simple design, but would like to recommend two things: The white font color may not print very well and may seems faded when printed because of the lack of enough contrast with the background. Plus, the font chosen is thin and may not print very well at such a small font. Consider using a darker font or make the background a little darker so the text stands out more. Or try using a thicker font.

Joseph - 3 weeks ago

Another great tutorial

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Video Transcription

Hi there, in this video we're going to look at doing a class exercise. So, it is based on learning the technique of Data Merge. But I would also like you to learn a little bit of duplicate creativity. So if you're new to InDesign, this might be an opportunity to have something for your portfolio.

So I'd like you to go through and research ideas for business card layouts. So you might look at Behance, or Pinterest, or Nice. There's an earlier tutorial on that, on inspiration for design. I'd like you to lay something out for it. There's logos in the exercise folder. You can use any of the images that we've used through this whole tutorial, if you want to use an image. But I'd like you to layout that Excel file, that csv file, so that we can produce a list of business cards for different people automatically.

Then I'd like you to send it to me. There's different ways, so check on the platform you're watching. It might be a link in the comments, or some of them have class files you can go to, or exercise projects you can put them in. I'd love to see it on social media. So I'd like you to go through, learn the technique of data merge, but also do something a little bit more creative on your own. So let's go do that now.

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