CSS Class selectors

Class Selectors like the earlier Tag Selectors are for styling your type using CSS.

Class selectors are used to style individual words, letters or sentences and are used in conjunction with Tag Selectors.

Class selectors are identified by a full stop at the front of them. e.g.       .blue-big

There is 2 steps to create a class, first is to create it, then you’ll need to apply it. Class selectors can be used more than once.

  1. With your CSS Designer panel open choose main.css from Source.
  2. In the Selectors section, click the + button.
  3. Name your class .blue-big
  4. Note: You can name your classes anything you like remembering not to use any spaces or special characters like @#$%^&*. 
    From the properties section scroll down until you find the text styling.
  5. Choose a blue from the colours and choose 1.8em from the font-size.
    Note: Nothing happens yet. We’ll need to apply the class to some text.
    creating classes in Dreamweaver CC
  6. Highlight one word. 
    Bring Your Own Laptop CSS Class
  7. In your properties panel choose blue-big from the Class drop menu. 
    Apply a class in Dreamweaver CC

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