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An enjoyable course that has made learning Dreamweaver so much more engaging. This course is 100% better than my high school teacher's lessons on Dreamweaver. Nowhere else in my searches has anyone pushed the use of the CSS designer tool to build sites. They either brute force it with HTML or use scripting. I was looking at Dreamweaver completely wrong. I feel like I could make at the very least a basic site now and I look forward to learning more.

-- Joshua, 07 Mar 2019

Loving the course, and I am learning Dreamweaver in the process. Needing this so that I can make some templates for my startup. MUCH easier than hand-coding everything. I will be finding the rest of your Adobe courses after this. Your delivery is excellent and looking forward to learning all I can from you. Keep up the great work. **UPDATE** I finished the course and am confident in redesigning my own site with Dreamweaver. I can also take these skills to work and apply them in order to redesign my company's intranet site that is done in DW. I will be uploading screenshots of projects done from what I've learned. Thanks a ton for equipping me with new skills to make me more effective. Anyone on the fence purchasing this course, I highly recommend it.

-- Michael, 02 Sep 2018

I need to learn a lot, fast, for a job I'm going for. This is just the ticket, for me. I'll be taking more of his courses.

-- Jim, 26 Jun 2018

Course Overview

This Dreamweaver tutorial was created to help delegates unable to attend our physical web design courses that we teach in either New Zealand or Australia.

The tutorials help showcase how amazing our courses are and why there is no better training than that at Bring Your Own Laptop!

Dreamweaver (and web design in general) is such a hard program to teach yourself. We know, because as Dreamweaver trainers we have all taught ourselves. We wish we had a resource like this when we were learning.

Hand coding a website from scratch is now a thing of the past. Web designers use tools like Dreamweaver to a lot of the heavy lifting. We imagine this is your first website build and we're glad we're here to help make this process a little less troublesome. 

Who should use this.

Anyone that is brand new to Dreamweaver and anyone brand new to web design in general. If you're reasonably experienced in web design you might find this course a little slow going.

What do you need?

  • You'll need a laptop (Mac or PC)
  • Dreamweaver CC installed. Dreamweaver can be downloaded from theAdobe website here.

Can I use this tutorial with Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, CS5 or CS6.

No. Unfortunately there were some fundamental changes in the Dreamweaver CC update that makes CC and previous versions very different.

Remember you can download Dreamweaver CC free for 30 days. Don't worry - after your free trial has expired your files will still be updatable using any other web design program.

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