8 - Completing our website

Questions & Comments

Bill Watters - 1 year ago

Hi, I don't seem to be getting this right. I want the desktop nav to be centered in a straight line and the burger to be ranged right. There is obviously something wrong - either with the code or the CSS but I am getting nowhere just now. Can you help?

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi Bill, to fix the navigation you're going to need to style the selector 'nav ul li' to be 'display: inline-block'.
In terms of the hamburger menu, it needs to be display: none until it's at a mobile width, we go over this in this course: https://www.bringyourownlaptop.com/courses/dreamweaver-templates-javascript-jquery-portfolio around lesson number 13

Mike Cranfield - 11 months ago

Hi - so I pinched your layout for the start of a responsive website I am building for my company.

it is here - http://bda4sale.com/cpb/ and this page works fine..

However, if you click on SALES the next page does not scale properly Grrr...

The images scale but the text in the boxes next to the pics do not...

What am I doing wrong??



Administrator Tayla Coman - 11 months ago

Hi Mike, what were you wanting the text to do? Because images are based on width/height, it's easy to have them scale, however text is based on font-size, which is a bit trickier to scale with percentages.

I'd just recommend deciding what you want to do and where. So set a media width query and change the size of the font where it's applicable.

On line 97 of your CSS, you have a media query set for 400px, you could set a query for something a bit larger and change the texts placement or size. You might find it a bit difficult to move it around significantly because you're using a table but it's still possible.

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Video Transcription

So the next thing I'd like to do is, I want to-- what's really annoying me, is there's no gaps in between here, whereas in my design, there's those white gaps in between everything. So, let's go and add it, it's something called a Margin.

So in Dreamweaver here, we're going to go to our 'styles.css'. And what we want to do is add it around the column. We've got three columns, now there's this top one, which is my Desktop version, the top one. It's also referred to as the Global, the top version. Then in here, in Tablet, there's another col, and another col. So what I'm going to do is to this top one here. And what I'm going to say is, in this Column I'd like you to have a Margin - in lower case - margin of 1%. It's going to put 1% right around the outside of every column. Now this is going to cause us a little initial problem. So, 'Save' it, make sure there's a semi colon ' ; 'at the end. You're getting sick of me saying that, aren't you? And let's jump into the browser. And, it kind of works.

So there's a border around the outside of 1%, but because there's 1% there, 33.3% here, plus 1%, plus another 1%, plus… there's just not enough room. It all equals up to more than 100%, which we can't do. So whenever you add a margin of 1% you need to minus it off the width. And there's 1% on either side. You can see, there's 1% there, and 1% there. So, we want to minus 2. So it's 31.3%. Let's hit 'Save', check it out. And now it has enough room to fit. We need to do the same for all of them, when we get down to Tablet, does the same thing, not enough room, so what we need to do is minus 2 off our Tablet. So let's get down to 48%. Check it. Looking fine, all fixed.

Now let's get down to Mobile. Mobile still kind of works, not sure why, it shouldn't. We're going to get down to 98%. So all fits, and we can see the borders around the edges. Nice work! Now if yours is like mine, and you can see 90 up there, I think it's just because I've got a Beta version of Dreamweaver. Hit 'reset', and it's gone. Happens to me a little bit at the moment, but I'm sure it's just a bug on my machine.

One of the things you might be looking at, and bugs me as well, because we put a margin around this it doesn't kind of line up with that anymore, and it gets a little bigger from the top, so we just need to add 1% border to this Div Tag at the top here. Remember, what we called it? It's called Hero Box. So let's find Hero Box in here, here he is. And you my friend, get a margin as well. So Margin of 1%, semi colon ' ; ', 'Save'. Now it's all looking a little bit nicer, because there's a margin in as well. Because we didn't give him a width he doesn't need to be minused of everything. You can see, he doesn't have a width anywhere. So if he did, you'll have to minus off like we did these other ones. But we don't, so he's fine.

Last but not least, what I want to do is, let's look at the Navigation. You can see here, on my mock-up, it stacks side-by-side, here on Desktop, but in Tablet and Mobile, they're on top of each other. At the moment though, they are all stacking on top of each other. So, what I'd like to do, is I'd like to say, in Desktop view, my Navigation-- I've already made a Class, a Compound Class here to style my Navigation just to save time at the beginning. What I'd like to do to it is-- you're looking for the one that says 'nav ul li'. That is my list for my navigation. What I'd like to say is, I'd like you to display, and I'd like you to do this one called 'inline-block'. That means they're going to stack next to each other. Don't forget the semi colon ' ; '. Hit 'Save', check it out. Awesome!

The only trouble is, when it gets down to Tablet it also stays that inline block and it gets all a bit messy, and there's no room for the logo so it stacks underneath, so we need to switch it back when it gets to Tablet, to this stacked on top each other method that we had. And all we need to do is find 'nav ul li' down here in Tablet which doesn't exist. So what we're going to do is, underneath 'column' I'm going to put this one called 'nav ul li' curly braces. And I'd like to say, when it gets to here though I'd like you to now display 'block'. And that means they'll stack on top of each other. Let's hit 'Save', preview in a browser. Awesome! So, Desktop, stacked in line. And here, stack block, same with Mobile.

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