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54 - What to do next

Questions & Comments

Jeffery harris - 2 years ago


How do I program the contact me form? :)

Administrator Tayla Coman - 2 years ago

Hi Jeffery,
Unfortunately we don't cover this in our tutorials. However there are many resources online which will help you to complete this task. This YouTube video isn't ideal but it does cover the basics:

Jeffery harris - 2 years ago


ron labbe - 2 years ago

What I'd like to see is a series on Snippets, Libraries and Templates. When I worked in Adobe GoLive, I could make global changes to the navigation bar on all my pages via "components". I thought Dreamweaver's "Library" served the same function, but it appears not to be the case... ??

Administrator Tayla Coman - 2 years ago

Hi Ron,

I'm not too familiar with this concept, however a very solid possible solution to your problem could be PHP Includes. Maybe you should have a look at those.

ron labbe - 2 years ago

Perhaps this page will make it clearer

>>you can store entire blocks of code, give these blocks a name, and have them updatable on all pages that link to those blocks. This is not the same as using snippets - the snippets are merely copied into the code, but are not linked. The library blocks are linked. For example, if you have a sidebar for navigation, and want to add or remove a link from the sidebar, you can edit the corresponding library item, and then enable automatic update of all pages linked to that library block. This is enormously time-saving!<<

Administrator Daniel Scott - 2 years ago

I'm work Tayla. PHP includes is what you need. You can try Dreamweaver Templates but they are a bit of a pain work with. Take a look at both. - Dan.

Administrator Tayla Coman - 2 years ago

Sorry Ron - Poor wording on my behalf. I'm aware of the concept but have not seen Dreamweaver have this function as of recently.

ron labbe - 2 years ago

OK, I found the Library. There are TWO libraries in DWCC... one is in Tools, and one is CC LIBRARIES tab.
This is the one I was asking about:

ron labbe - 11 months ago

I'm updating my site which is all .html pages. If I go to .php, I'll lose all my SEO placings! (often on Google first page)

Administrator Tayla Coman - 11 months ago

Hi Ron, this would be of interested, it will help preserve the SEO

Melissa Sims - 2 years ago

Hello, I think I have really benefited from yout tutorials, thank you. I do have a specific question I have not been able to find an answer for both within your walls and outside sources. I want to create individual hot spot links within an image. To be clear I can do this with other Dreamweavers(hotspot tools) but not the 2017. If I utilize this with an older version will it be responsive if it is not an actual bootsrap component?

Administrator Tayla Coman - 2 years ago

Hi Melissa, I've found the solution to finding the image mapping in the properties panel.
Depending on what OS you're using you need to select the image (must be in design view) then go to 'Windows' and select 'Properties' and then you should see the toolbar just as you did in previous version which includes 'Map'.
As for responsiveness, it's possible to install jQuery plugins to assist with that. Alternatively I'd probably just have different images that display at different times at different sizes with different maps. Scaling images with every pixel change (I imagine) would be a nightmare to try and work with.

Long story short: Responsive mapping:

Or: Have different images display at media queries with different maps for each image.

Melissa Sims - 2 years ago

Hello I am wondering if you can help me as you had mentioned a bit in your tutorials about using the Bootstrap grid row w columns so in mobile view things do not layout oddly. I am not sure if my problem falls within this problematic area or if I have to do a media query (which by the way I am not clear on). I have tried the column techinque and it did not seem to help but I could of been doing it wrong. Can you please look at a website I just designed and tell me what I need to do to fix a particular problem or at least what video in your tutorials I need to refresh? The website is and the issue is the social icons. They layout fine on a desktop or tablet but not on a mobile as they stack and look awful.
Thanks, Melissa

Administrator Tayla Coman - 2 years ago

Hi Melissa, the site is looking good. To fix your social badges you just need to change the default size that the icons containers want to expand to. Currently they're set at "col-lg-2". Which means...?
That at the LARGE screen size AND UP - to be 2 columns wide. So what happens at medium screen size? They default 12 columns wide. At small size? They default to 12 columns wide. At extra small? They default to 12 columns wide. There's many fixes to this but I'll give you the most simple option. Instead of 'col-lg-2' set to 'col-xs-2' - therefore at xs the social icon containers will be 2 columns wide - and every size ABOVE extra small - will also be 2 columns wide. Let me know how it goes.

Melissa Sims - 2 years ago

Thank you for describing but also giving me the "most simple solution" because it worked-mostly. The Yelp badge specifically is not the same size as the other icons so it does not display evenly on the mobile (if you check the site it is only loaded on the index at this moment). I played w the column sizes (always equal to 12) and center block/text, pull left and so forth but to no avail. I am not clear on the type of command displaying specific rules for specify screen sizes, is that called media queries? Maybe that is the solution? Either way I would like to know more, what video is that one? If you have an suggestion for me I am eager to here it. Thank You for responding to my questions!

Administrator Tayla Coman - 2 years ago

Hi Melissa, lesson 37 is about media queries, also maybe it might be easier to change that Yelp logo for the one that only includes the little star? Not much you can do about positioning when the logo is just too large in general, I personally would swap it for an image that's a similar size to the other logos.

Tina Ricaurte - 1 year ago

I finished my first website!!! Thank you for helping make it possible and super fun! You are a really good teacher! I will keep subscribing because I still have more to learn! My website is: The mobile view isn't perfect (nav bar issues and the you tube video is off center) but I can tweak those. Actually I don't know how to tweak the nav bar since it's pre-made code. The video I think I just need to add a class for mobile view for it and have it move to the left. But anyway, super fun and addicting work! And a thrill when it works out!!

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Wow! Awesome work Tina, I think you might be one of our first completed sites, good on you. It definitely is a very rewarding feeling isn't it? Keep the updates coming, awesome work.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 1 year ago

I'm very impressed Tina. So glad that's it's sparked the web designer in you. It's just a fun, problem solving industry. Thanks so much for sharing. Made my day! - Dan.

Aya - 1 year ago

Hi, I've been told that there's a tool can capture JavaScript code from any site, Do you know what it's called?

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi Aya, could you elaborate on what you're wanting to do?

Aya - 1 year ago

I wanna be able to read JavaScript code on sites use animates, I can read HTML and CSS, but I can't figure out how to read JavaScript!!

Douglas Gillard - 1 year ago

I just finished your Dreamweaver bootstrap tutorial. You are a gifted teacher and I really learned a lot and enjoyed it. I wish you would have worked a little bit more with the navigation bar, however, for that was left to simple. For example, how do you add more buttons/links and then how would you add sub links and sub sub links? But overall great job!

How much do you charge for building a website? I have one I desperately need to upgrade ( which is over 50 pages.

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi Douglas, Submenus are definitely something we should look at teaching in the future. I'll as Daniel about this for you as I'm sure others are also looking for answers. As for your site - Daniel currently isn't working on building sites for others currently as all his time is spent creating courses etc, I'd guess that a freelancer like myself would charge upwards of $3000 if they were to build something basic in Wordpress and duplicate all of your pages over. Otherwise you might like to try and utilise templates in the new Dreamweaver which we're covering in the new course coming out next week!

Stephen Fawcett - 1 year ago

My first site. I've watched quite a lot of the vids they are all great just agonizing to choose. I am a 'right side brain' person as I have quite good PS skills. but I'm not afraid to have a go with DW as I want the responsiveness. But I think this course is the one to go for ? ....Dreamweaver - Building Responsive BootStrap websites ?

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi Stephen, I'm also slightly more of a 'right side brain'. I'd definitely recommend the Bootstrap, course, it makes things so much easier!

William - 1 year ago

Hi Dan, I have a problem, here is the link of my current pages,
The "Video Tour" page is giving me a headache, in design view the RH image drops below the video and is the same when I view it using
"Edge" but its ok using "Chrome" Also it views ok in live view in Dreamweaver 2018.

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi William, could you please try removing the height and width attributes from the images within the 'col-lg-3' divs? And give them the width of '100%' and height of 'auto'. you might have to change the row beneath but it will hopefully fix the other issues.

Robert Gaudreau - 7 months ago

Hi Dan,
I just finished this course and am now building a Bootstrap-Dreamweaver website. However, I can't seem to center the website in a browser (Chrome or Safari) and don't remember which of your tutorial videos mentions it. Please help. Many Thanks

Robert Gaudreau - 7 months ago

Hi Dan,

I found that if I nested a container inside a fluid container and then inserted something inside that container, the web page automatically centered in my browser. Ain't this fun?? :)

Robert Gaudreau - 6 months ago

I finally posted my responsive website to the Internet at! Thanks to Dan's great tutorials, I am off to a good start.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 6 months ago

Thanks for that Robert! Glad to see you got your site live :D

tim - 4 months ago

Hi Dan, I have really enjoyed watching your videos as you make everything very clear to understand in a very easy and friendly way. I have stated to play with my own site now, so I can learn how to use dreamweaver.

Two areas that would be good to cover in another video would be

1) How do you upgrade bootstrap to the latest version in Dreamweaver which is now 4.1.3? The latest version has more templates which look very good. If only I could add it!

2) The main area I am really struggling with at the moment is creating boxes with elements placed inside and being able to position them in the centre of the page. example attached. A nightmare!

Hope you will do more dreamweaver videos soon as they are very helpful



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Video Transcription

Hey, my name is Dan. In this video we're going to look at what to do next.

Now, we got to the end of our tutorial series. Things that you can be doing is, you could continue on and add on a few extra pages. We've just done the Home page and the Contact Us page. You could go through and do the About Us page, and maybe some products or services just to get your skills up. You might now just start creating your own website. And because it's going to be your first website be sure to drop me any questions in the forms, or in the comments section. You're going to run into some issues, and I'm happy to help.

Now, there'll be a link just at the bottom of this video here where you can go off and check my final version, where I got doing the tutorial, so that you can compare against yours. You might have got to a point where at the end here, you got a few extra issues that I didn't have on the videos. You can download my version and just see and compare how your one is versus my one.

Now is the good time to request other tutorial as well. I'm busy spending the year making videos. Ask questions, it might be a big topic, it might be a small topic. It might be a small poster I made for you, it might turn into a full video series. Drop your ideas, or what you'd like to see in the comments below, or the discussion, or the form below. And we'll see what we can make of this.

Another nice thing you might do now is, you might check out some of the other video tutorials, if you haven't. There's a series on how to use Photoshop to do the design aspect of Web Design. We've used Dreamweaver in this tutorial series to do the production, the making of it, but all the design work was done in another video series called Photoshop for Web Design.

Another video series you might be interested in, a short one, is about buying your domain name. You might already have one, but check it out, it's a really interesting thing to go through if you are going to be a Web Designer, helping other people pick domain names. What to pick? Local versus dot coms. All sorts of interesting things for domain names. So go off and check that one as well.

All right, that's it. I'll see you in the next video.

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