1 - Dreamweaver Bootstrap Introduction

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Lenir Marinho - 1 year ago

Hi Dan, I just subscribe to the Dreamweaver Bootstrap course, but I am not getting the video. Only the video transcription is showing up. Could you please help. Thank you.

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi Lenir, I've emailed you. Thanks!

Lenir Marinho - 1 year ago

Hi Tayla! As you can see, I am logged in and I still don't have the video!

Miiko - 1 year ago

Hi Dan, followed through your other tutorial on DW and now this one + the background video one, and I gotta say that you are a life saver! I am a designer who used to be a dummy about coding but in huge part thanks to your tutorial/materials and some additional digging on the web, I managed to build my own website. Wouldn't have done this without you, Dan.

I have it hosted on my own domain as well, you might recognize elements I have adopted from your videos. (I am sorry it's not in english yet, I might be working on the english option one day too, but right now, it's in estonian, a small eastern european language I natively speak).

Here it is: http://www.miiko.ee/

Thanks again!! :)

Administrator Daniel Scott - 1 year ago

Miiko! Wow. What a great site. I've check through it and it looks great. Plus you have a great portfolio. You've made the video background & it responses really well. Very well done. I'm really happy I could help. Thanks for the props. - Dan.

Miiko - 1 year ago

Thanks for the review, glad you liked the site Dan!

Glen Brewton - 1 year ago

In none of your tutorials, that I have found, do you discuss Dreamweaver Behaviors. I'm not sure there is one that will accomplish what I'm trying to do. I would like for a visitor to click on a thumbnail and be able to print the image at its original size, which is 1700px x 2200px. Here's the page I'm working on, http://grumpypup.com/color_codes_page1.html. How would I do that?

Administrator Tayla Coman - 11 months ago

Looking at their source code, they add the following attribute to to the <img> tag which displays their thumbnail image:


So you'd just need to change the image path to your full image, change the random number to a string that might apply to the image, for tracking I suppose, then decide on the width and height of the new window.

JEROME BALDSING - 9 months ago

Apologies for the inconvenience but I can't seem to change from bootstrap 4 back to 3.

I followed the instructions as per:


but no success. any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

JEROME BALDSING - 9 months ago

It actually seems to be under
Site>New Site>Advanced Settings>Bootstrap

Administrator Tayla Coman - 9 months ago

Nice work Jerome, I'll pass this on to Daniel. Thanks.

Scott Reichstadt - 7 months ago

Hello Dan,

First of all, I have been very impressed with your presentation skills and method of explaining the navigation of Dreamweaver.

My question… In chapter 15 you requested we insert a (B) fix <container> before the <grid rows & columns>. You instruct us to do this for .band-hero and .band-whoarewe

Then in chapter 16 you skip the process of inserting a (B) fix <container> before <grid rows & columns>. We are told to insert a (B) <grid rows & columns> directly into a <container-fluid> without a <container>. This was for .band-service, .band-portfolio, and .band-footer

I completed chapter 15 and 16 and my responsive website seems to work fine at the moment. However, I would like to know for future reference what you suggest I do when nesting a table within a container-fluid. Should I insert a container-fluid, a container, and then a grid?

I have listed the Course, Chapters, and Video Counters below if you need reference points to my questions. Thank you very much for such a great online course. You are by far one of the better online instructors I have seen.

Thanks Again,

Course: Dreamweaver – Build Responsive Bootstrap Websites
Video Chapter 15: How to add Bootstrap columns & rows in Dreamweaver

Counter: (00:37) of (18:54)
Counter: (08:28) of (18:54)

Course: Dreamweaver – Build Responsive Bootstrap Websites
Video Chapter 16. Production Video – Adding more Bootstrap columns & rows

Counter: (00:11) of (01:47)
Counter: (00:54) of (01:47)
Counter: (01:16) of (01:47)

Dogac Akdag - 4 months ago

Hi Dan, I don't have a active account at this moment because I will continue learning later on. So far you teached me a lot regarding html, css and bootstrap. So this is what I made with the knowledge I gained on you website. https:/www.nycity.nl it's a travel information website for the dutch people. Thanks and I will be returning to learn more.

Brian Burgess - 3 months ago

Are there any plans for Bootstrap 4? Seems a shame to taking a tutorial on something that has been superseded.

Julie Binder - 1 month ago

Hi Dan. I am loving your tutorials. I have already gone through the Photoshop for the web and now working my way through this one. I am designing a website for my glamping business and wondered if you know of a really nice looking, easy to use booking system that I can put my available dates on and the client can then book and pay online? Many thanks. Julie

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Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Dan and I will be leading you through this course on how to make money building mobile friendly websites using Dreamweaver. I built this course for the visual person, for the right-brained person. Now we’re not going to hide away from any of the codes but we are going to use all the pleasurable tools that makes Dreamweaver so amazing. These are the skills that you will need to become a professional web designer. You will learn how to make responsive websites in Dreamweaver, as well as learning what to charge and how to manage your website in project. Now I'm a Dreamweaver certified instructor as well as an adobe web specialist. We cover everything you will need to build your first website. From creating your first page through to uploading your website to the Internet. With exercise files you can download and work along with me. At the end of each video, I have a downloadable version of where we are in the process. So you can compare your project with mine, making it easy to see where you might have a problem.


I’ll be showing you how to work with Dreamweaver and easily create html and css websites. How to create mobile and television designs and how to test your website on your phone and tablet. Ill be teaching you how to create navigation bars, how to work with responsive images and favicons. We will work with Dreamweaver’s new bootstrap integration to easily create carousels, tab menus and recordings. Even easier, we will learn to impress your client by easily imbedding videos, calendars, maps, event ticketing and social sharing options. Know that I will be around to help. If you get lost, you can message me, and together we will get you back on track. Now its time to upgrade your skills, get that better job, and impress your clients.

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