12 - Lasts things now that you’re a coder

Questions & Comments

craig murray lang - 1 month ago

Hello. I have followed the lessons and such but my question is, do I have to make a new css sheet for a new page, Ive tried duplicating and renaming the first one and then linking it to the new page however when I preview in the browser it only shows me the HTML and no styles applied. - Craig

Administrator Daniel Scott - 1 month ago

Hey Craig, you just need one CSS sheet for the entire site. You'll have lots of HTML pages. E.g. index.html, aboutus.html, contact.html etc. In the head of all the HTML pages you'll link to the same styles.css sheet. You put all the styling in one sheet. That way you can reused lots of bits. Let me know if this helps. - Dan.

Ronnie Patrick - 1 month ago

I have tried to apply a coding for a Favicon. I can not get it to work for me. Please, Dan, I will need your input? Happy learning type guy... :)

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 month ago

Hi Ronnie, Favicons are kind of tricky because they don't always display when developing locally, have you tried pushing the site to your hosted server, waiting a day or so, clearing your cache and then checking if it displays?

Ronnie Patrick - 4 weeks ago

Dan, I have tried all things not working weird huh... Here is my url http://ronportfolio.info

Administrator Tayla Coman - 4 weeks ago

Is your favicon.ico image in the root folder? If it's in the 'images' folder it won't work, and if it's a png then you should covert it to an 'ico'. Just use this link: http://convertico.com/

ItsZipzon - 3 weeks ago

i made something i want to put over my home | our team | our products | contact us. but i can't figure out how please help.