11 - Publishing your website to the internet

Questions & Comments

Chris Gilbert - 1 month ago

Please can you make a tutorial on e-commerce and how to make a shop in dreamweaver? If not do you have any tips?

Administrator Daniel Scott - 1 month ago

Hey Chris, Yeah It's totally on my radar for a course soon. Out of interest, what types of goods/services would you be selling via the store? - Dan.

Ronnie Patrick - 1 month ago

Dan, Great Class!! Many Thanks! http://ronportfolio.info here my site! yay!

Administrator Daniel Scott - 4 weeks ago

Hey Ronnie, such good work on the site. Especially the 'dan the man' - extra points for that. Works on mobile & tablet. Plus you FTP'd it up which is always a drama if you're new. - Dan.

Catherine Wilkie - 3 weeks ago

Hi Dan. I've managed to publish my site thanks to your excellent tuition! However; I have a problem when viewing it on my I phone in that the Slicknav menu is not there just the normal menu in a tiny size. It works perfectly when I view it on my phone using the QR reader, or by scaling the screen down on my desktop, just not online; can you help please? Thanks

Administrator Daniel Scott - 3 weeks ago

Hey Catherine, What is your website URL? I'll take a look. It's probably the media query width. Maybe your mobile media query is set to 375px but your phone is 400px wide. So it shows the desktop version. Make your media query bigger (450px) just to check to see if it fixes it. - Dan.