7 - Real time preview on phone and tablet

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hamed alghafri - 2 months ago

Hello I got a problem here with Samsung S3 that it translate me to the adobe's help but I couldn't fix it. So what the solution if you know how to solve it? and thank you.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 2 months ago

Hey Hamed, Normally it's because you're not on the same wireless network. OR your network has some super security. Try another wifi and test it.

Catherine Wilkie - 2 months ago

Hi Dan. I have made a website using Dreamweaver: wilcon.co.nz following your excellent instruction which with some difficulty I managed to get online. When I view the site on my mobile phone using the QR reader, and when I view it on my desktop it is fully responsive, but when I bring the site up from Safari on my mobile phone the responsive Nav bar is not there just the full screen bar shrunk down to an unreadable size. Can you help please? Thanks

Administrator Tayla Coman - 2 months ago

Hi Catherine, Lovely looking site, simple and to the point. I'm currently a bit too busy to fix the site for you but I can tell you with 95% confidence that you have a big issue with your divs, specifically div's not being closed properly OR incorrect layout. For example I can see that your script tags are in 2 layers of divs, they should not be. Have another look at your code, double check all your closing tags and check it against Daniel's completed files and check all of your script positions against how his is laid out. Good luck! Let us all know how it goes.