1 - Introduction

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Eric Doerr - 1 year ago

Loved your stuff on Udemy... Eric :)

Administrator Daniel Scott - 1 year ago

Thanks Eric!

NFN Kwendeche - 1 year ago

Sorry Dan, I have never done a website! I do not know how to design a site, however as an artist and architect, I have done detailed hand sketched mock ups of how it might look. Shall I continue with the course for coding that I just signed onto?

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi There, Yes, I'd say you should continue with the course, it starts from the basics and lets you create a nice basic portfolio.

Wendy Bailey - 1 year ago

Me again! I could really use some advice from you, hope it's okay to ask on here. I've been working through the Dreamweaver courses and have learned lots, so thanks for that. My problem is I am working on a website for a primary school who would like their home page to be along the lines of the attached image. In the past I've used FrontPage 2003 and tables to arrange the images etc. (I now realise this is an awful way to create a web page!) Would I be right in thinking that I could lay out the page using grids/containers? The buttons are images that I make, so I should be able to resize them to make them responsive, shouldn't I?! I'm also wondering whether I should really be looking at the courses on Photoshop, Illustrator and/or Dreamweaver Templates & JavaScript Menus - I'm happy making the images with my very out of date software but it's knowing how to lay them out properly as a web page. I'm in a right old muddle so any advice would be great - thanks!

Administrator Tayla Coman - 1 year ago

Hi Wendy, I wouldn't have the buttons be images, I'd have them be HTML with CSS styling, it's better for responsiveness and search engine optimisation. I'd use 3 columns nested in a container, 1 column on the left for the left buttons, 1 column in the middle for the main image and 1 column on the right for the right buttons. The only image I would have on this page is the one (of what I presume is the school) in the middle. If I were you, I'd watch the Bootstrap Dreamweaver course we have, it goes into all the tools you'll need to build this site. Let me know how you go and thank you for the question.

Wendy Bailey - 1 year ago

That's great, thanks for that Tayla. I'll definitely check out the Bootstrap Dreamweaver course.

Karo - 1 year ago

hello dan
I have started to build a website according to your tutorial. I have done everything step by step with you but in part 10 when I write the images code and also when I write the "float: left" in the CSS the images will break up as you see in the below image. what should I do?

Administrator Tayla Coman - 11 months ago

Hi Karo, have you compared your css and html files to Dan's completed files?

William Hosie - 8 months ago

Dan, enjoyed the tuitorial very much. My question relates to the responsiveness of the finished product. My end result only displays the desktop view on mobile devices. So I uploaded the Final Version folder from the exercise files to my server and got the same result. Can you tell me why the mobile views aren’t being triggered. Could it require viewport coding? TIA

Administrator Tayla Coman - 8 months ago

Hi Will, I think it will be the viewport. Add this to your <head> area: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Erica - 7 months ago

Hi Dan,

How can I calculate the hero box padding starting from my design?

steven twyford - 7 months ago

Dan does not go into any of the industry standard classes or measurements in any of his 'tutorials'. Although this 'BYOL' thing has shown me the basics of web building (design if you insist) and Dan has provided some useful resources and tips.....its... well pretty silly really. I mean really! What is 'vw', what is a z-index? How does a z-index work in relation to a bootsrap container or is it a css class that pertains to pure HTML? And so on. The 'real heavy stuff' as Dan terms it is left shrouded in mystery and professional jealousy. Ultimately thanks Dan and i mean that sincerely. But your asking for money as a registered Adobe Trainer and i feel mislead by that because you and Adobe are not providing (yes i said providing) a streamlined training package. Ethically you must do this. Why? because its just not fair to consumer face this product and then leave the consumer to wander around the internet begging for clues as to how to make it work in a beautiful and contemporary way, or almost force us to give up some of our income and return to university level study in order to be adequately trained in how to use this amazing application. I really feel defeated.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 7 months ago

Hey Steven, sorry to let you down dude. I try my best in my courses. I totally understand you position. I think I try and simplify things a little too much in the courses. Drop me a line directly at daniel@byol.ie. I'll hook you up with a full refund. I also don't want to do it without your permission as you might still be doing the course. Thanks for you honest feedback. - Dan.

valwhite@bham.rr.com - 5 months ago

Hi There,

How do I download the class files for the Dreamweaver courses? I subscribed, but I still do not see a download link.


Mike Cranfield - 1 month ago

Hi Guys,

Merry Xmas and all that!!

My website (created from stuff I leaned here) does not center on Mobile!! - Grrrr!!

Any suggestions??


Cheers - Mike!!!

HNY!! Too!

Jenny Ulstein - 1 month ago

Where can I learn how to make a new subpage in Dreamweaver?

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