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78 - Class Project – Watercolor in Photoshop

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Ron Doran - 4 months ago

Watercolour vision

Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago


Annemarie Johnson - 3 months ago

My computer is so stressed I'm looking for a therapist.

Glenn Mathisen - 3 months ago

Very nice :)

Glenn Mathisen - 3 months ago

image 1

Glenn Mathisen - 3 months ago

Image 2

Tsvetelina Despotova - 2 weeks ago

water colour - i tried :)

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Video Transcription

All right, it is time for a super exciting class project. There are two files in 12 Visual Styles, under Class Project; Water Color A and B. I'd like you to use the techniques we learned in the last video to create your own versions. Once you're done, share them with me; I'd love to see what you made. And once you've done with that Class Project file, I'd love for you to use your own. Find something off your phone. Maybe in your Google Images Photos or your iPhotos. Find something, do a cool water color effect image. Share with us either in the assignments, comments, or on social media. All right, have fun using water colors.

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