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4 - Class Project - Select Subject

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Questions & Comments

Erik Karlsson - 6 months ago

Here's my classproject Dan. I'm happy to hear your critique! Gotta be my new favorite tool in photoshop, the select and mask. :)

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

It's a great tool isn't it! Well done. great job here

Lesley Smith - 6 months ago

First one ...

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

You've picked this up well

Lesley Smith - 6 months ago

Second one ...

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Good one Lesley

Ron Doran - 6 months ago

Class project with select and mask and mask with the male with a blend of darker colour and drop shadow

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Great work here Ron

cheryl ramsay - 5 months ago

Huge time saver... Thanks Dan!

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

it's great isn't it. well done on these

Anuj Kumar - 5 months ago

Here is my version Dan.. appreciate your feedback

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Good one

Anuj Kumar - 5 months ago

Another one ☝️

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Another good one!

Juan Zapata - 4 months ago

class project

Administrator Emma Norton - 4 months ago

Good job

Roman - 2 months ago

Until bad color balance will move us apart!

Tsvetelina Despotova - 1 month ago

selecting subject :)

Steve Law - 2 weeks ago

What do you think?

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Video Transcription

Hi there, it is class project time. Don't think of it as homework, think of it as ways to practice what you just learned so that it sinks in there good. This project is to practice the Select Subject we learned in the last video. To find this kind of Class Projects list, you can go into your Exercise Files, and there it is there, it's called Class Projects. Open it up, and we're going to be starting at this one here, Select Subject. 

So the files to use is in a folder called Project Zero. I'll show you where they are. In your downloaded 'Exercise Files', in '02 Selections'. And there it is there, 'Class Project Zero'. We're going to be using all three of these. I want you to basically just use your skills to mask this one here on to number C, that's a letter C, Do the same thing with this B option here. 

So basically these two models, on to this background. So you'll have to use the Select Subject, plus a little bit of the Select & Mask. Because these are very different kind of shots of models, you're going to have to mess around with this background, to get them to kind of-- you might have to play with the levels of this one. Use your existing Photoshop skills to try and get them to blend nicely. 

You might have to blur the background. Up to you, but once you've got them together, and you've got a reasonably good mask, I'd love for you to share it. So up here is the ways to share, the easiest way is on the website here. Go to the Assignments part and share what you've done. Sometimes it's easier just to use the comments, but most importantly share them with me. Share them with me on Instagram, on Twitter, or my Facebook group. 

If you ask for criticism I will give you some polite stuff. You can just share it up there and not ask for any criticism, and just be proud of what you've done. Practice, practice. All right, go ahead and do your homework, and I will see you in the next video.

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