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33 - Class Project - Content Aware Fill

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Questions & Comments

Lesley Smith - 6 months ago

The boats are very difficult ... my attempt no where near good enough :(

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

You've done well Lesley!

Anuj Kumar - 5 months ago

It was lil bit tricky but done it in 2-3 minutes.

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Good job Anuj!

Ron Doran - 5 months ago

Boats and Windmills vanished hopefully

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Well done Ron, Good job!

Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago

Spent a good 15 on this. Still not happy with it

Administrator Emma Norton - 3 months ago

I think you've done a great job Daniel. These tools take practice so well done.

Juan Zapata - 4 months ago

Class project

Administrator Emma Norton - 3 months ago

Good practicing Juan. I've just look at the bottom right. It's a bit panelly and repeated in that area.

Glenn Mathisen - 3 months ago

This was a little hard :)

Administrator Emma Norton - 3 months ago

Practice makes perfect :) I'd just make sure to the front middle and front right aren't too obviously repeated.

Steve Zimmer - 3 months ago

Content Aware Fill

Tsvetelina Despotova - 3 weeks ago

content-aware, clone stamp, eraser :) class proj

Steve Law - 2 weeks ago

The new changes to content aware fill since this video came out are helpful. I used the patch tool in addition to content aware fill.

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Video Transcription

Hello friend, I'm setting you a challenge, it's a tough one. I want you to use the skills you learned in Content Aware Fill video, the previous one. And in your 05 Cropping Aligning Distorting folder, there's 'Class project 1', it's called 'Content Aware Fill A'. Thank You, Filip Punkins.

This here, I would like to see if you can remove the windmills and these two boats here. It's not an easy one, I did it on purpose because otherwise you just make a selection and hit the button, and it would be done. You can use more than just your Content Aware Fill skills. You need to use the Spot Healing Brush. You might have to feather edges. You might find the Patch tool works better for you. 

The name of the game here is to remove windmills and boats. It's pretty easy to explain, but it is there in your Class projects Word file. And I'd love to see what you did when you finished. Did it go bad? Show me. Did it go really well? Did you spend far too long on it? Did you spend two seconds, I just like to see your examples and you can compare it with others. Post it in the assignments or in the comments, or tag me in social media. 

Remember, Instagram, I am @bringyourownlaptop, on Twitter, I am danlovesadobe 

All right, let's get onto the next video.



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