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It's class project time, going to make some 3D stuff. I'm happy for you to use your own images, or you can use the one I've supplied. 

So in your 15 3D folder, there's a class project folder. There's a background graphic you can use. There will be the one you turn into a postcard, and smoosh with this one here that you can extrude as 3D text. So this one here, just import, 'File', 'Import', like we did the Twitter logo, in the set of videos before, and extrude it, or you can create your own graphic, or use your own text. It's totally up to you. 

Then I want you to experiment with colors, materials, angles, Depth of Field, the lighting, and when you finish, render it all out and share it with me. Depending on your computer, I've given you a document size. It's kind of standard video size, 1920 pixels across x 1080 pixels high. You can make that smaller if you're finding it a little bit hard to render it. Just kind of work with it in any sort of sense. 

When you're finished I'd love to see what you do. You might try a few different ones, send me all of them. Maybe make a little montage, of three or four different angles, different colors, different materials. I'd love to see what you make, and it'd be really good practice. 3D is a tough one. Hope you enjoy the new experience. All right, on to the next video.