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64 - Class Exercise - Vanishing Point in Photoshop

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Questions & Comments

Anuj Kumar - 5 months ago

Used all tools as you explained in classes. Here is the project screenshot

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Great work!

Ron Doran - 5 months ago

Vanishing point exercise

Ron Doran - 5 months ago

Appears that I neglected to post the completed picture the other day Oh well here goes another try, oops try this one please

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

Thanks for your submission Ron! Looks good!

Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago

Vanishing Point

Administrator Emma Norton - 4 months ago

Good one!

Juan Zapata - 3 months ago

Class project

Administrator Emma Norton - 3 months ago

haha great one!

Annemarie Johnson - 3 months ago

Tried to make it as it would be a year or two after it was painted, kinda dingy.

Tsvetelina Despotova - 2 weeks ago

vanisning point proj

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Video Transcription

Hey there, it's class project time. In your 10 Retouching folder, under Class Project, there's these two, Vanishing Point A and B. I want you to take this whale we made in our Illustrator class, and put it on this building. I want you to mock it up, like we did in the first of the two Vanishing Point videos, where we mocked up the kind of graffiti thing on the wall. I want you to wrap it around the building. It can be small on this building, it could be wrapped around both buildings, maybe down the side. It's up to you, but I want it to feel like it was there. 

What I'd also like you to do is, I want you to remove the antennae along the top, and move these lights here off the front. And when you're finished I'd like you to share it with me, see how you win. So two images, put the whale on the building, remove the lights and the antennae. Not sure why I'm saying antennae, antenna. You know what I mean, the satellite things of the roof. 

All right, on to the next video. Once you've done your homework, you stay here. I'll be back when you're finished.

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