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40 - Class Exercise - Puppet Warp

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Questions & Comments

Lesley Smith - 5 months ago

Channel mask used

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Pretty! Good work Lesley. Great result

Anuj Kumar - 5 months ago

I have used channel's amazing

Administrator Emma Norton - 5 months ago

Isn't it! :) Great work Anuj. And lovely colours.

cheryl ramsay - 5 months ago

Thanks for the help with channel selections and puppetry Dan, these lessons are great.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

Thanks for the kind words, Cheryl. I love your take on the projects, very different!

Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago

I had to use to previous vine as the one in the Class Project folder won't open

Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago


Juan Zapata - 3 months ago

class project

Juan Zapata - 3 months ago

class project

Tsvetelina Despotova - 2 weeks ago

class proj

Steve Law - 2 weeks ago

I have found that the select subject actually worked very well for selecting the vine. I needed a few brush strokes with refine edge, and it was done in a snap. I threw the result on a park background with a 3D render. I'd love some feedback.

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Video Transcription

Hi there, it is class project time again. You were thinking, "Hey, there's no more project, this is awesome." Surprise, getting out of more of the tools based stuff, and getting into more of the project based part of the course. 

So in this one what I want you to do, in your 05 Cropping folder, there's one called Class Exercise 01, and there's two in here for this exercise. The first one, this little monster, I want you to reshape into a different pose. Totally up to you, but experiment with that Pin Depth, those arms and legs. 

The other one is the longer project, or longer part of this one. So exactly like we did at the end of the last video. I'd like you to mask this out using any technique you like. This one here, Color Range might work, because it is a more consistent file. You might use a Channel Mask, anything you like, but I want you to combine it with your name. Use your name, or any word you like. 

So mask it, move it around so it interacts with the type in some way. And do that trick where it kind of dives in and out. You probably have to go back and check out the last video. So mask it first, then you have two versions of it. One on top of the text, one below the text, you mask out the top one. 

Then I want you to share it with me, when you share this one in particular, I want to know what masking technique you used. It would be interesting to see what everybody does. It's in your Class Projects file, basically everything I just said. Go forth and pop a warp. I'll see you in the next video.

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