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71 - What To Do Once You’ve Finished Your Advanced InDesign CC Training Course

Questions & Comments

Ron Doran - 10 months ago

InDesign is awesome, learnt heaps and enjoyed the experience did like the alien at the end.
Now that the intro and advanced courses have been completed is there a review as some content was covered twice alternatively move content around to make the content flow seamlessly between both presentations, just a thought.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 10 months ago

Hey Ron, Love the Alien pic!

As for duplicate content. You're right. I wasn't sure as a lot of people don't do both courses like you. So I don't want the advanced people to miss out if they haven't done the intro.

I'm really open to suggestions about how the flow could be updated. Fire me any suggestion to if you get a minute. - Dan

Martin - 10 months ago

Amazing course, thank you very much!

Administrator Tayla Coman - 10 months ago

Thanks for the kind words Martin!

Chris Fleming - 9 months ago

Fantastic course. Thanks for the help! I've been using InDesign for 1 1/2 years now and I didn't even know most of these tricks. That will speed up my workflow significantly!

Administrator Tayla Coman - 9 months ago

Thanks for the kind words, Chris!

Esperanza Gaffo - 9 months ago

I can't believe I finish this one ha ha Love it! I will go to animate next. I did After Effects with your friend Phil but I will have a look at your course too :D
For someone who always preferred Quark I did like your teaching :) "Live Long and Prosper"

Administrator Daniel Scott - 9 months ago

Hey Esperanza! Glad you made it to the end. I once taught Quark. I learnt it at Uni. It was cool - especially the aliens that zapped the text. Do you remember that? - Dan.

Richard McLaughlin - 9 months ago

As usual, another thorough and entertaining course by my favorite trainer Mr Daniel Scott. I've actually learned and not just followed along.
This is the fourth course I have completed and I'm really looking forward to taking others. Can't wait for the Photoshop Essentials and Advanced Courses !!

Administrator Daniel Scott - 9 months ago

Mr Richard! Thanks for that. I'm glad you're enjoying the courses. 4! That must be a record for people here on BYOL. I'm busy making the Photoshop courses now. Essentials should be done for next month. - Dan

Ed Vitug - 9 months ago

I have several of this online training platforms across the internet but Daniel, by far, is the most engaging, funny and makes the technical side of things pretty easy for someone like me with no background on graphics or digital publishing. I've been telling my friends about this course endlessly. If I have to pick one mentor and one mentor only, Dan is my man! Thank you very much for this super awesome resource! Well done!

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

Hi Ed, wow! Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot! it feels great to hear that I can get people with no background in graphics interested and engaged. Thanks for your lovely testimonial.

Mmohammad Alforhood - 8 months ago

Very useful, I loved the Styles section, looking for the next courses.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

Thanks Mohammad, see you around!

low wei xian - 6 months ago

Very good video and i love to learn adobe online with you because i can always repeat those parts i do not understand unlike those face to face classes. I can never catch up which makes me give up easily. Love it please do more i am sure everyone will be interested to learn more you! Teach us everything please!!! I have used alot of what i have learned here on my website as well such as the avocado pic i used on which i have learned the technique from your essential course

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

Hi there, thanks for the kind words, I checked your website and it looks great. You're doing a great job and make sure you keep at it, I'll be bringing more courses out this year :)

Sara King - 6 months ago

Great course, thanks Daniel. I consider myself an indesign power user, but I was still able to learn quite a few tricks I didn't know before (conditional text!!!) and am telling everyone in my team to take your courses.
Many thanks.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

Thanks Sara! Your support and recommendations mean the world. Thanks again.

Sahar - 5 months ago

I enjoyed your way of teaching a lot. And although I’m a long time (part time) indesign user, I still got a lot of beneficial information and useful workflows. Thank you Dan and يعطيك العافية :) I hope this shows and it just means in Arabic : “I wish you good health and may you be blessed”. Thank you

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

شكرا لك على كلماتك الرقيقة و أتمنى الأفضل لمستقبلك!

Daniel Kyriacou - 5 months ago

Thanks very much for running this course. It was really useful.
My only suggestion might be that it would have been really cool to have a project to create and follow from start to finish. I know that would have been a lot of work for you to create but for me personally, that's how I learn best so others might be the same.
Thanks again and I'll move onto other BYOL courses

Administrator Daniel Scott - 5 months ago

Hi Daniel, thanks for your kind words and also for your suggestion of a project that we could do from start to finish, I'll keep that in mind because I think you're right. Best wishes, Daniel.

Brian Andalora - 1 day ago

I finished both Essentials and Advanced courses. Though being a veteran graphic designer for 17 years, I still learned new things that I never knew existed. Your teaching style is easy to follow and you get right to the point. Thanks Daniel!

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Video Description

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Video Transcription

Hey, you made it to the end. Well done. Not many people invest in their selves this much. Especially with something like Advanced, okay, you might be a capable user, but I'm hoping that this course is going to give you those little tricks and tips just to go a bit faster and get more out of your time.

In terms of next steps, InDesign is no-- there's nothing really asked to go from here. There's some more kind of, like nichey things to look at, but InDesign , working out, this is advanced stuff here.

In terms of other advanced courses you might look at Photoshop or Illustrator. Now, I'm working on those courses at the moment. At the time of this filming, they're not finished, but Advanced Photoshop and Advanced Illustrator are definitely on my plan for the next kind of eight months. Check, they might be ready already.

The other thing you might do is-- what other things you could do? It might be animating some of these graphics, so you might be a capable Graphic Designer, maybe Motion Graphics might be the next step for you. I've got lots of courses with After Effects for animating Motion Graphics, so check those out. You also might look at, maybe at some UI design. UI design, just basically Web and App design, the graphic side of it. I've got courses with-- UI Design with Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD. So check out any of those ones.

You might also check out, maybe some fun end Web Design. Not just design side, or the UI side, the actual building of the site. I've got some HTML, and CSS building courses using Dreamweaver, so you might check those out.

And now will be the time for a review. If you've enjoyed this class, or my style, leave me a review. Reviews really help me rank, and do well with courses, and lets me continue being a full time trainer, which I really enjoy. All right, this is the end. The awkward bit, I wave for a while, then we finish up then, that's it, we're done. Hopefully, I'll see you in another course. I'll keep waving. Bye.

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