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Adobe Illustrator CC 2018: Start Designing Today!........... Very much enjoying this course. I gave 4 stars as I have just started - I am pretty sure this rating will increase to 5 stars as I move towards completion, the course is engaging and fun , the instructor is highly enthused and knowledgeable. I recommend this course, I am an absolute beginner and have learned so much already. thank you!

-- Ebb, 20 Apr 2018

Excellent course, I wished Udemy had a 10-star option, I can say that now I am confident when using illustrator. Though the course was online, Dan's way of presenting made me feel as if someone is giving me private tuitions, far better than any other illustrator course that I tried, 200% recommended for beginners like myself.................Adobe Illustrator CC 2018: Start Designing Today!

-- Adnan, 22 Apr 2018

I love Dan’s courses because he’s a super fun teacher, and does a great job of providing tons of examples and fun ways to apply what you’re learning. You can look forward to lots of materials to practice with, along with Dan’s friendly cadence and great teaching style. You might even enjoy the process of learning that pesky pen tool... Update: Just finished the entire course and my understanding of Illustrator has increased huge amounts--I couldn't recommend this enough, especially to someone who wants to launch into using Illustrator but isn't sure where to start. This has been my favorite online course ever! I just got Daniel's Illustrator Advanced course and can't wait to keep learning.

-- Kit, 25 Apr 2018

Course Overview

Hi there, my name is Dan.

I’m an designer, Adobe Certified Instructor & Adobe Certified Expert.

Together we’re going to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. During our course we won’t just learn how to use the tools... we will create real world, practical projects together.

This course is aimed at people new to Illustrator & design in general. We’ll start right at the beginning, working our way through step by step.

We’ll start with the techniques you’ll need to create just about everything in Illustrator. Including icons, logos, postcards & hand drawn illustrations.

We’ll explore lines & brushes. You’ll master how to use and manipulate type. I’ll show you the clever secrets Illustrator has which will help you to discover & use beautiful color like a pro.

You’ll learn how to push, pull, cut & repeat artwork. You'll learn how to redraw real world examples of famous logos. We'll cover the essentials like correct saving & exporting along with so, so much more.

If you’ve never opened Illustrator before, or you’ve opened it and struggled, come with me, I’ll show you the easy way to make beautiful artwork. - Dan

What are the requirements?

  • You will need a copy of Adobe Illustrator 2018 or above. A free trial of the software can be downloaded from

What am I going to get from this course?

  • 39 lectures 5+ hours of well structured content.
  • Drawing with Shapes & Lines
  • Drawing with the Shape Builder
  • Creating a custom logo
  • Working with Brushes
  • Drawing with the pen, pencil & curvature tool
  • Learn how to work with type & fonts.
  • How to mask images & graphics.
  • How to distort, bend, warp & liquefy illustrations.
  • How to make your own repeating wallpaper patterns.
  • How to create stencil style images from real drawings.
  • How to use free Illustrator templates.
  • How to save, print & export for Print, web & social media.
  • Lots of real world exercises for you to practice.
  • Loads or class projects for you to complete.
  • Printable PDF Cheat sheet.
  • You will get the finished files so you never fall behind.
  • Downloadable exercise files.
  • Forum support from me.
  • Techniques used by professional graphic designers.
  • Professional workflows and shortcuts.
  • A wealth of other resources and websites to help your accelerate your career.

What is the target audience?

  • No previous Adobe Illustrator experience is necessary.
  • This course is for people completely new to Illustrator. No previous design, drawing or illustration experience is necessary.
  • This is a relaxed, well paced introduction that will enable you to produce a large range of drawing, illustration & logo work. Only basic computing skills are necessary - If you can send emails and surf the internet then you will cope well with this course.


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