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54 - What next after your Illustrator Advanced course

Questions & Comments

Esperanza Gaffo - 10 months ago

pfff long 3 days great course many thanks! Refresh a lot my Illustrator. I forgot so many little details I being using Affinity for so long now that I was useless with all the new goodness of CC :)
I will check out your other courses I already done XD with you in Udemy! I will jump to indesign next.. I use Quark like everyday before and Indesign was like complicate the design workflow but lets see I want to try the CC.

Chris Fleming - 10 months ago

Sweet course Dan! I loved the content. It would be sweet to see some of the "Essentials" and "Advanced" courses for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Audition. Primarily for videos, adding motion graphics, and all that works. They all might make a cool "bundle" series for the three programs! Anyways, thanks for the hard work!

Ashok Kumar Patel - 10 months ago

Hi Dan,

I have learned all the illustrator courses from you and I am really happy with all the tips and exercises you taught. But unfortunately, I have missed one lesson which I may want you to add to the next course which is the Color theory course. Because I find it very difficult while working for brand identity project where I have to use both RGB and CMYK colours for web and printing. How do I find correct values for each colour mode for the same colour as the illustrator, and other colour sites shows different values each time.

I hope to have this explained in brief in the next course soon or you can even personally send me an email in regards to this problem. I really want to know how to pick a proper colour with values for both colour modes. Thanks!

Esperanza Gaffo - 10 months ago

My new workflow in Illustrator is fast fast fast. I put this together under 30 minutes :) Capture + IllustratorCC is just madness ha ha

Daniel Kyriacou - 4 months ago

That was fun. 3 Programs and 6 courses down. Thanks Dan. Moving onto Word/Excel before going back to Adobe stuff

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Video Description

Click here to download our printable Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Cheatsheet!

Free Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 Cheatsheet


Video Transcription

Hey, you made it all the way to the end. It's a long series, I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, I'd love you to drop a comment, or leave a review. That will be super awesome. And with your class projects, I'd love to see them. Either post them on the site here or tag me in your Instagram pics, or maybe in Twitter. So Instagram, it's bringyourownlaptop, and on Twitter it's danlovesadobe. 

Now what do you do next? It comes down to basically what you want to-- I guess, your personal development. There's kind of three routes you can follow. Either graphic, web, or kind of more motion graphic, video styles. Depending on what you want to do. So if you want to go down that kind of graphics, that's your thing, you want to continue down there, so maybe some more advance kind of work. Courses like this in things like Photoshop and InDesign, I've got courses for those. Or if you're going to go down the web route, say you're kind of, you kind of switch over to that side a bit more, or in general for you, probably the best next step is taking the Illustrator UI course that I've got. It's kind of UI Web Design for Illustrator. Using the same kind of techniques, well, the exact same tools but a different application, we're going to use it for building mock ups for websites and apps. 

Same with the web stuff, you might go down the XD route. I mentioned it a couple of times in this course. It's a brilliant program, it's super quick and easy. If you've got Illustrator skills, like the level you are at now, XD will be a breeze to design in because it's kind of based on that same format of Illustrator, that new Properties panel, and it's a really easy one to pick up. Great for, what it is, is basically doing the same sort of thing for Web Design UI, but it is a level of interactivity and testing for user experience, or UX. So check that out, if you want to go down that kind of route, I've got a course on, with XD. And I've got kind of a more general UX course. If you're like, mentioning the name, and you're not too sure about it, go check that one out. 

The last kind of option is video. More importantly, Motion Graphics. That's the home of After Effects. There's two courses I've got currently for After Effects. One is kind of a general Motion Graphics one, and one is more specific for Data Visualization and Animated Infographic. It doesn't really matter which one you-- they cover a lot, there's kind of an overlap. One is more of a general tool, and the Infographic one is, really kind of specifically only do Bar charts, and Graphs, and Infographics, and those sort of things. Check out both of those intros, see which one might be right for you. 

All right, that is going to be us, my friends. One last thing is, there is a Cheat Sheet, a PDF. It's free, you can download it from bringyourownlaptop. It's, look for the Resources tab. Download the PDF, print it off. Just help you with some of the stuff you've learned, you're like, "Man, I'm not going to remember that." The Cheat Sheet's there for it. All right my friends, I hope to see you in another course. I really enjoyed making Illustrator-- I like making advanced courses for people that already know the software. It's a nice course for me to make. So, yes, I’m rambling. See you later. Bye.

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