1 - Introduction to Advanced Adobe Illustrator CC

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Dawn DeVere - 10 months ago

Hi Dan! I have been thoroughly enjoying and learning much from the courses I have completed so far. You make the learning fun and are so precise at the same time - with valuable tip repetitions - that helps to retain important information. There is nothing vague in your lesson plans, which puts you out front of other courses I've attempted in which information presented is very rushed. Your courses are a breath of fresh air! --- I have one question about sending completed projects that show what participants have learned from you. You have mentioned during your courses that you would like to see completed lesson projects, etc. Do we attach them to this Question Forum, or can we attach and send to an email address? Dawn

Administrator Tayla Coman - 10 months ago

Hi Dawn, it would be awesome if you could screenshot them and post them as comments in this area of the page!

Dawn DeVere - 10 months ago

OK. Will do. I had completed exercises throughout Dan's awesome Illustrator Essentials course, then moved onto this Advanced Illustrator course. Midway I decided to step outside my comfort zone because I wanted to complete a wall project for my daughter. In the Essentials course, Dan asked that we make our own "star" background - so I did that. After the curvature tool, etc., lessons in the advanced course, I practiced on building out new assets to put into the background. Taking a snapshot of my daughter's guitar, I brought it into Illustrator as a template and traced the outline. Then starting adding details, colors and played with gradients Dan taught about. I also put together a floral design in the same manner, to put on my daughter's guitar. Both of those went on the background star design. Then I added a text meme focused on her music. I will say that I would be open to suggestions on the composition of the text area, to enhance the overall project before I print. Thanks, Dan for your awesome lessons!

Dawn DeVere - 10 months ago

Guitar - separate.

Dawn DeVere - 10 months ago

Floral Design. Separate.

Administrator Daniel Scott - 10 months ago

Wow. That is really amazing work Dawn. Such detail. You're really got the hang of all the tools. I really love it. - Dan.

Martin - 10 months ago

Such positivity. You are the superhero Dan! :D

Administrator Daniel Scott - 10 months ago

:) Thanks Martin!

AHT JOHN - 9 months ago

HI! DAN This is my first project in this course. Hopefully, You'll review my work!

Administrator Jan - 8 months ago

Hey AHT, such an amazing graphic. Looks like glass. I'm really impressed. - Dan

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Video Transcription

Hi there, welcome to this Adobe Illustrator Advanced course. My name is Dan, and I'm an Adobe Certified Instructor, and Adobe Certified Expert in Illustrator. 

Now this is an advanced look at Illustrator. So it's not for people who are brand new to the software. It's for people who already understand the fundamentals. If you already know what an Anchor Point is, and how to adjust it then this is the course for you. 

Now on one hand, this course is all about getting your productivity, your speed, and your work flow up. On the other hand this course is kind of project based. We'll learn the tricks and tools that we need to kind of build some of those really beautiful styles that are trending in InDesign at the moment. So even if you consider yourself a pretty heavy user of Illustrator, I promise, in this course, I will blow your Illustrator mind. 

We'll learn advanced Anchor Points, and Pen Tool tricks. There's a little fun section on mastering lines and strokes. We'll learn the quick way to take hand drawn sketches, then vectorize, and color them. We'll master Depth and Perspective in Illustrator. Creating semi flat presentations like these. We'll set permanent default fonts and colors, and turning that dreaded Hyphenation off once and for all. We'll learn how to take spreadsheets and connect it with Illustrator to make beautiful graphs and charts. 

There's a Color Mastering section where you'll learn to make quick color adjustments Gradient missions, and blending it all together nicely. Your creativity will be doubled when you finish the Transform, Distort, and Blending section of this course. Double, I tell you. There's an entire section in here dedicated to speeding up your personal work flow as well as speeding up Adobe Illustrator. Two tones, Repeating Patterns, Advanced Typography. There's lots, I just want to go through it all in the Intro but I need to calm down till you check out the outline for a full description. 

Just one more, I promise it's a good one; this one. Animated GIFs. Cool, huh! So if you know that there is much more potential to be unlocked inside Adobe Illustrator, join me, and together we'll become Adobe Illustrator super heroes, together.

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