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46 - Data visualization & infographic project in Adobe After Effects

Questions & Comments

Lisa Carroll - 3 months ago

Hi Dan
Loving this series. Really not sure where to post this question. However here's an animation that I like on YouTube. Can you explain how they:
1. Add the random rough texture to text and lines.
2. Make the text turn/flip @ 0.13.
3. Create the uneven fade out of the characters.
4. Make the animated rough edged circle @ 1.42.
Many thanks for all your help :-)
Lisa Carroll

Annemarie Johnson - 2 months ago

Took a liiiiittle longer than an hour...Much less intimidated by AE now! The character is one I drew of myself in Illustrator. Borrowed the beer pint from earlier tutorial to save a little time.

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Video Transcription

All right, so it's Class Project time. What I've done is, in you Exercise Files there's one called '11 Class Exercise', and there is a mp3 in here. It is a voice over for a company named Craft Espresso; it's a fictional company. I'd like you to create an Infographic for that.

So have a listen through, there's no rules, no restrictions. I'd just like to see it at the end. So go through, build an animation. If you run into any problems, or if there's things, and you're like, "I wish I could do that though,” drop me a comment, I'd love to help you out. When you're finished, upload it to either YouTube or Vimeo and send me a link, I want to see it.

And know from me that people that actually bother going and doing these little exercises are the people that really remember the course. It's not until you actually have to do stuff on your own before you're like, "Huh, I thought I knew that," and go through and figure it out, go back to the videos, it creates real learning.

So, send me your files, I'd love to see it. No restrictions on what you can do, it can be simple, it can be amazing. You can spend 10 minutes on it, you can spend an hour. If you think it's lame, don't worry, everybody's going to start somewhere, still send it to me, I'd like to see it.

Remember, you can also use this in your own portfolio. So stick it up on your site, you can use it as an animated GIF, or put it up as a YouTube link. You have total rights to use my voice over. And Craft Espresso doesn't actually insist, but you can create a logo for that if you choose.

All right, let's get on to the last of the video series.

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