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5 Steps for Choosing a Profitable Online Course Topic - instructorHQ

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In this video, Daniel will talk about his methods for Choosing a Profitable Online Course Topic. Daniel has gained the respect of 60,000+ students and has near perfected the course creation process. Find out how he chooses his course topics. 

Planning #onlinecourses can be hard. But our free resources for planning make it easy. Visit to see my Youtube video on the 5 easy steps you can take to choose the most profitable #onlinecourse topic.

1. List out what you could and want to teach. I’ve got a great system for figuring out what course you should choose out of your big list of possible topics. How long will it take to record? How juicy of a #course topic is it? The video explains this much better!

2. Utilising your audience. Do you have an audience? Is it just your Mum, Dad and partner? Thats better than nothing, I go over how I utilise my audience even when it was small.

3. Checking out how popular that topic might be. There’s a few awesome platforms that you can use to see how good of a topic your course is, #Google and #Udemy do a great job of letting us know what are good and bad search terms.

4. Checking out how profitable the course might be. Again, Udemy is a great help here, check out the video for a more detailed explanation on how you can gauge almost exactly what you could be #earning!

5. Final decisions about direction. There’s a few extra little tidbits of information you can use to get the most out of your course, Check out to find out more!