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Questions & Comments

Stephen Fawcett - 11 months ago

I'm building a website for health and beauty products that sell in mainly Thailand as my partner is from there. The main product title and package is English and but what about Google Adwords, should I be putting them in Thai language or English? I've attached a sample from the brochure, Thank you, Steve

Administrator Tayla Coman - 11 months ago

Hi Stephen, from what I gather, Google is blind to this sort of thing. It can translate your Thai words and index them as if they were English so it doesn't matter. You will want to think about who your main audience is though, would they prefer to read Thai or English?

Nick Meyers - 5 months ago

I am building a website for a local bakery, they are wanting to have an online shopping cart as well as a member login to view recent order details. Is there any information or direction you can point me in to help with that? The layout and functionality I'm confident with.


Administrator Tayla Coman - 5 months ago

Hi Nick, this is a tricky one, creating a shopping cart without knowledge of database security and database's in general is very difficult to create. I wouldn't recommend creating a shopping site without a strong knowledge in these fields. If I were in your situation I'd be inclined to find a wordpress theme that is easily manipulated and go from there, seeings though Wordpress will do all of the heavy lifting for you in terms of database storage and security.

Stephen Fawcett - 3 months ago

Can you please post a link for the setting up of AdWords you said you cover in another course (at 14:54) Thx

ALL ACCESS: $19.95 per Month + Cancel anytime   

Course Overview

In this video Dan will look to create a full website for a building contractor in 24 hours. Buying a domain name, hosting, branding, marketing video and copy writing. As well as advertising.