Become An Affiliate

Terms & Conditions

The following rules must be followed to be elegible for payout.

No use of pay-per-click services.

Coupon site may not be used.

Affiliate links may not be used on sites where the main content contains violence/adult/inappropriate content.

Images provided be Bring Your Own Laptop for affiliate use are the only images allowed to be used. Images may not be taken from the site that aren't part of the affiliate images pack.

Referring yourself is not allowed, doing so will void your eligibility to be an affiliate.

The following terms must be agreed to before proceeding.

The last referrer is awarded the sale if two affiliates direct the same user.

If the referred customer decides to request a refund for a referred subscription, you will not receive payment for their referral.

We may withhold some payments for up to 60 days after the referral to give the referred customer a period of which they can refund their subscription.