Recent Reviews

"Engaging presentation style, polished graphics, the presenter has an easy, effortless command of the program. I'm recommending my entire staff take the course (and they'll enjoy it!) "

Mikel - 21 Jan 2019

"Well, I've learned everything about Photoshop tools, what else to add? Dan's passion and humour makes this course simply pleasant to follow. It was gargantuan (I wanted to use that word) help on my way to become graphic designer myself. When I'll finish writing this sentence, I'm starting Dan's photoshop web design course, so how about that as a review? Cheers! "

Jędrzej - 17 Jan 2019

"I'm a Photographer and Lightroom user, but I have never touched Photoshop before. I've decided to deeper my knowledge in working with images and picked up this course to learn the basics in Photoshop. I have to say that this course is amazing and deffinitely is beyond my expectations. I'm learning new techniques in each lesson and with a bit of creativity I am able to do things that seemed impossible for me. This is a great course for beginners or for those who have not touched photoshop for some time and need a decent refresher. Daniel (trainer) is doing a great job and delivers the material in a very friendly and fun way but in the same time he cares about the details and does not steal your time for nothing. After completing the course I will definitely continue with the advanced one from the same trainer. Thanks a lot! "

Yury - 16 Jan 2019

"Couldn't recommend this course more highly! I was a complete beginner and now, halfway through the course, I actually know what I'm doing and have started to get creative with the techniques. So exciting! Everything is explained really clearly and the pace is just right. Give it a go if you're not sure because I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised! Just finished the course and can't wait to upload my class project animation! Dan is a great teacher - fun, inspiring and really knowledgeable, and knows how not to overcomplicate so you don't get lost. Fantastic!"

Lizzy - 16 Jan 2019

"I've just done two videos and I've already added new tools to my toolkit. It's 2:45am, I need to sleep...but I'm too excited to stop!"

stephanie - 13 Jan 2019

"I've always felt like I knew how to do motion graphics because I'd watch YouTube tutorials and think "Yea, I could do that - easy." For the longest time, this reward-system-cheating behaviour has left me with nothing to show for my 'learning efforts'. I made the decision to commit to this course, 5 hours longer than any YouTube tutorial I'd ever watch, and do all the exercises. And OH MY GOD, has it paid off!! Pro Tip: Use a second monitor to play the course from so that you can watch, pause, and follow along seemlessly. I downloaded the Udemy app and would place my phone against my laptop. Either way, try to avoid flicking between tutorial + After Effects to speed up your learning experience. Wish I could rate this higher!"

Daniel - 12 Jan 2019

"I love how fast the teacher goes. There is a lot to learn and I don't want to take a year to learn it. I can stop and replay as often as I need, so I like it when teachers don't talk to us like we are slow and stupid. I am testing for a design job in a week and think this will help. Thanks!"

Sandy - 11 Jan 2019

"I've always been intimidated by Ai due to all of the tools I saw upon opening the program. I've literally learned more from the short "Sleeping Fox" video than I've learned in 2 years."

Anthony - 11 Jan 2019