Recent Reviews

"wow.... a previous commenter said it best, "Finally an InDesign video that doesn't spend eight hours on absolute basics, but yet clearly explains intermediate and advanced strategies without skipping steps or assuming niche knowledge." Well done, subscribing asap and looking forward to the future!"

Mark - 14 Mar 2018

"Dan has a very engaging style. I like watching and listening to him and feel inspired to become better at design."

Nabaht - 13 Mar 2018

"Excellent course, I like it a lot, I’m so fan of your courses. Thanks a lot. "

Hector - 13 Mar 2018

"Dan is an incredible instructor. He makes the subject matter easy to understand even for absolute beginners. Taking this course has saved me unnecessary "trial and error" time on my own projects. "

Anna - 12 Mar 2018

"Just great! Great method of teaching and very easy to understand."

Claudia - 11 Mar 2018

" This is a great course, and my second one with Daniel who has become my favorite online teacher. The material taught is covered swiftly and to the point, in an engaging and humourous manner. Daniel explains the tools well and then gives exemples of real-world applications. There are also some exercises to do, with material provided which I think is great because I don't remember how to do something until I do it myself. There are also tips of resources of where to find images, fonts, how to do mockups, which is incredibly useful. Since the videos are very short and split into segments, if you already know that stuff, you can just skip those videos. "

Alexandra - 10 Mar 2018

" I love that his directions are clear and easy to understand, even for someone who hasn't been in Ai before, but not so watered down that you feel like you're spending 20 minutes on something that could be explained in one. He's very friendly and upbeat and funny, as well, which is great. Sometimes a little speedy, but it's very easy to just go back and rewatch. Even the things I was confused about I was able to pick up by just rewatching the lecture. I LOVE this instructor. I have experience in Ps, but each Adobe product is unique, even though some things are familiar, and I hope he has a course on every single app. Awesome teacher with a great personality and real insight into what beginners would need to know. Well done. "

Courtney - 08 Mar 2018

"It's quite helpful to work on a platform which "talks" to other software of the family, i feel like i don't have to have any other programs, just the adobe pack. Also, Dan teaches really well, has a sense of humor and makes everything sound so easy! I could understand what the program is made for and i also learned how to make low-fi and hi-fi wireframes and prototyping as well. I'm satisfied with what i achieved with this course. "

Sandro - 07 Mar 2018