Recent Reviews

"You are an entertainer, his voice is never monotone I am finishing the whole course in 2 days. Straight to the point and interesting content. Keep it up man!"

Peter - 12 Feb 2019

"It's mesmerizing! Really, really good. I suggested it to a few of my friends who were interested in learning cool techniques!"

Micaela - 12 Feb 2019

"Probably the best course ever made. Dan is so much charismatic and teaches in a way that even a baby can understand. Also, loved the way he demonstrates the tools, instead of showing directly the function of the tool (wich can be boring sometimes), he shows examples of how real-life projects may use them, that's intuitive and enriches mind. "

João - 11 Feb 2019

"After completing the InDesign Essentials training course from Daniel, this Photoshop one was the next on my list. I could copy-paste the review I wrote for the InDesign one, because this one is still above my expectations, with crystal-clear explanations, and Daniel's style of teaching is just great ! (can't wait to complete this course, and go on with the Illustrator one). If you're hesitating, don't, these courses are awesome Thanks Daniel !"

Alexis - 11 Feb 2019

"Number 1 tutorial on the earth on Photoshop."

Mohammad - 10 Feb 2019

"Dan is a fun and informative instructor (that's hard to come by it seems.) I enjoyed this AE class so much I've signed up for his Illustrator course and my husband it taking his Photoshop course! He's a very personable and easy to listen to, and he gives you exactly what you need to get started in AE motion graphics. A++ :) "

Kimberly - 08 Feb 2019

"I have purchased an Adobe Illustrator course from Daniel before, and after having trouble with a course on After Effects with another instructor, I returned to purchase Daniel's course on Adobe After Effects and used his course instead of the troublesome one. This guy is amazingly detailed in his explanations, going over technical issues you may run into, how to properly store and import/export and even on how to free up your computer for space while using this program! Highly recommended - Great entertaining lessons that'll rocket you to being a pro! "

Dakota - 07 Feb 2019

"The instructor is the subject matter expert and keeps the audience in mind all the time. His courses are a treat to watch and learn. Though it's distant learning, Dan has the knack to make his presence felt. Highly recommended for people who are eager to wet their beaks in the intimating landscape of Photoshop. "

Ronen - 06 Feb 2019