Recent Reviews

"I enjoyed the course a lot! the explanation was very clear and direct and all the classes were so friendly and funny haha I learnt a lot and had amazingly fun with the instructor. I'm definitely gonna buy another course of him!"

Parkjinah - 09 Aug 2018

"This is my second course with you.... I've done others with what could only be described as more boring than saw dust..... I feel your energy and damn it makes the course better."

Colin - 07 Aug 2018

" Absolutely brilliant. One weekend and I am already creating a prototypes for site samples... Being a frontend / graphic designer I felt the wire-framing to be dull and time consuming, but when I showed some people what I was doing (during the course) they commented on the look (why is this image in the top?... blah blah) more than the functionality. Which proves that the wire-framing beforehand is an essential part of the process, no matter how badly you want to tweak it or make it great looking from the start. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Instructor :)"

Marina - 04 Aug 2018

"Dan, Dan, Dan, You are awesome!!! This is one of the best courses I have taken on Udemy. After I complete this course, I will be willing to take your other courses as well. So far, you have helped me tremendously. The information you deliver is like gold."

Derrick - 30 Jul 2018

"Excellent course - Dan is an excellent teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed following along with his videos. Highly recommend! July 2018: I have updated this review with an extra star because of how useful this course has been in the months following it's completion. I am using Adobe XD daily and Dan's instruction was instrumental to adding this feather to my front-end web development hat."

Kate - 29 Jul 2018

"I always wait until the end of the course to leave my review. Not this time. Not after this wonderful amazing man introduced me to the skip frames option in the playback settings. For 7 agonizing months mine was set to 5...It was, beyond brutal, it was inexplicably agonizing. Thank you Daniel, thank you so much...*sobs uncontrollably... In all seriousness he is a fantastic teacher, he's smart, funny, and engaging. I highly recommend this course even if you have some decent AE experiene, you'll pick up tons of tips and tricks along the way. --Bill"

William - 28 Jul 2018

" Hi Dan, O my god! I can't thank you enough for this wonderful course. It was an AMAZING experience and I feel so confident now. I look forward to working as a UI designer. It is my privilage to be your student. Thank you, Guruji (in India we address a teacher as Guruji). Regards. Namrata"

Namrata - 26 Jul 2018

" Dan was an awesome instructor! Very well made videos with great explanations not only on what to do, but why. I appreciated the easy-to-navigate class files and the exercises he thought up. I learned so much in this course in a relatively short amount of time and had fun while doing it! I would definitely recommend this course and I will be taking more by this instructor."

Rachel - 26 Jul 2018