Recent Reviews

"I soley purchase these courses because of Dans teaching style...without a doubt the best online instructor in my opinion. "

Daniel - 24 Mar 2019

"This course was AMAZING!! I was a little intimidated by InDesign mainly because I was trying to use Photoshop for things that were designed to be created by InDesign (Brochures, Newsletters, Business Cards, Etc) so it made me think it all was too hard. Just a few lectures into this course I had already gained so much knowledge on what I needed to know along with tips and tricks and shortcuts. I am an aspiring graphic designer/desktop publisher, and I needed this training to push over the edge. It did just that. I purchased this one and the advanced on as well. Definitely take this if you need to learn how to use InDesign and push your designing skills beyond Word. He is a great teacher and he has little tid bits and jokes that help explain things. Thank you so much for this course! "

Crystle - 23 Mar 2019

"I thought I was an Illustrator expert before this course, but I learned a TON! Shout out to Daniel, I've become quite fond of his courses and cheeky delivery. Def recommend this course to anyone looking to sharpen up your AI skills, learn some new tools, and make your Illustrator life WAY easier! Note: I felt like I should say this after leaving a less than stellar review on one of his After Effects courses based on prior response time to student questions. He has since responded to me directly, as well as addressed this concern for all his students. Stand up guy, solid instructor, def recommend. "

Jason - 23 Mar 2019

"Dan is the Seriously this course is great. I am design illiterate and this was an immeasurably great way to enter the world. Thank you Dan, I am very excited to start the advanced course. "

Stephen - 22 Mar 2019

"I love his courses and I’ve bought Photoshop Cc essentials and acvanced and can’t wait to move on to advance. I’ve also bought indesign and illustrator because I just love to learn from this teacher. He has a soothing voice and great humor so I never get bored from hearing him! It’s great that the videos are short, and I like working along side him, even if I never publish my homeworks online. "

Diana - 21 Mar 2019

"I am loving this course! Instructions are very detailed which is so helpful! I am glad I upgraded to CC! "

Neena - 21 Mar 2019

"To help people understand how important is the feedback. To present the info in a clearly and easy to understand way its pretty much complicate. So, who create this course, really made it. "

Marina - 20 Mar 2019

"This is one of the best online classes I've taken, and I've taken a lot of them. I LOVE this instructor!! "

Tiffany - 20 Mar 2019