Recent Reviews

"I've been using InDesign for around 15 years and learned lots of practical tips. Who would have known? "

Steve - 15 Feb 2018

"Hi Dan, I am LOVING this class. So many tips and tricks, my mind is blown. I first learned indesign in 2008 and have been cruising on autopilot ever since. Seriously shame on me, there are some serious updates I have been missing out on. And also Dan is really quite funny, so big bonus! I'm only halfway through, and am excited to maximize my new found workflow at work tomorrow. Will finish the class shortly! "

Carly - 15 Feb 2018

"YAY, I've been looking forward to this since you announced it at the meet up in Dublin! I hope there's more to come. "

Tamandani - 14 Feb 2018

"Thanks so much Daniel. I love all of your courses and hope to be an established UI Designer one day, your courses help me get each step closer! "

Dale - 14 Feb 2018

"Can't wait to make my design into a full site! "

Chikelu - 14 Feb 2018

"such an insightful course, thanks so much. I can tell you really love what you do, so awesome to have a teacher like that. "

Mayamilko - 14 Feb 2018

"Very knowledgable trainer, recommend "

Esen - 14 Feb 2018

" Love this class, full of awesome tips "

Suman - 14 Feb 2018