Recent Reviews

"I really love all ur courses . U always help me .u made easy and fun to me I am looking forward to seeing u in the next course"

Sherook - 19 Jun 2018

"This was a great course on using Adobe XD to create wireframes and mockups using a real-world project as an example. The lecturer was engaging and easy to understand and added in a lot of great tips and tricks to speed up workflow and make life easier in general when using Adobe XD, as well as a few immensely helpful tips on using XD along with other programs from the Adobe suite like Illustrator and Photoshop."

Trish - 19 Jun 2018

"Dan is a amazing teacher. He makes the subject interesting and easy to understand with his great skills of detail explanation & fun. True Coach to play the game with fun & triumph at the end with Dan. Thank You Mr. Daniel Scott for such amazing classes."

Sumet - 17 Jun 2018

"A good course if you are starting from scratch as I did . The explanations are easy to understand and the course material is up to date , tasks are well designed and connect to next one . As I am doing some work experience at the same time as this course everything I did at this course is / was very applicable :) 100% recommended."

Aiste - 16 Jun 2018

"Wonderfully presented! So easy to follow and very pleasant to learn. The assignments and exercises were very fun and absolutely perfect for me as I am more of a hands-on learner. It was also very fun and interesting to see, not only the Instructor's take, but also some of the other student's illustrations. Over all just a spectacular Illustrator Essentials course. Thanks so much for this wonderful educational experience!"

Maija - 12 Jun 2018

" The teacher is very charismatic, engaging, and seems interested in what he is discussing. Bringing light to things beyond "press this button to do the thing", giving me a stronger understanding of the why. I feel more comfortable with the prospect of discussing this with coworkers and clients."

Jack - 10 Jun 2018

"Awesome course! I usually finish a course before writing a review, but in this case I don't find it necessary. Daniel is funny and brilliant as a teacher! I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Adobe Illustrator! Daniel makes the learning process fun and easy!"

Darka - 07 Jun 2018

"I loved every bit of this course! The explanation of concepts from start to end was very clear and to the point and this is exactly what I was looking for. Go ahead and buy this course! Cheers!"

Kavya - 07 Jun 2018