Recent Reviews

"I love Dan’s courses because he’s a super fun teacher, and does a great job of providing tons of examples and fun ways to apply what you’re learning. You can look forward to lots of materials to practice with, along with Dan’s friendly cadence and great teaching style. You might even enjoy the process of learning that pesky pen tool... Update: Just finished the entire course and my understanding of Illustrator has increased huge amounts--I couldn't recommend this enough, especially to someone who wants to launch into using Illustrator but isn't sure where to start. This has been my favorite online course ever! I just got Daniel's Illustrator Advanced course and can't wait to keep learning."

Kit - 25 Apr 2018

"Daniel is probably the best instructor on Udemy! Really cool explanations, presented in a fun way. He gives exercises and repeats stuff all the time so he helps you memorize what you learned. And you learn a lot! It was a pleasure taking this course :) I hope he does many many more. I would highly recommend this one and gladly purchase others made by him. Thank you Daniel, good luck and congratulations for a great job."

Darka - 25 Apr 2018

" Straight up to 5 stars (been obsessed with the guy's cool teaching method :D"

Claire - 24 Apr 2018

"very good explanation of tools. personally i've found a nice way to learn how to work this program thanks to this class."

Ary - 24 Apr 2018

"Ich kann dem Kurs sehr gut folgen. Daniels Englisch ist für mich sehr gut verständlich und auch die Tipps, die er gibt, sind sehr praktisch und hilfreich."

Camilla - 24 Apr 2018

"The information is to the point, easy to follow and has been keeping me engaged the whole time. The amount of resources alone is phenomenal, and I already signed up for the UX Design with Adobe XD course that he teaches as well!"

Jen - 24 Apr 2018

"Ein schönes Cross-Over der beiden Programme. Es wir viel erklärt und leicht verständlich vermittelt."

Martin - 24 Apr 2018

"Very detailed instruction. Although I've used Illustrator before, there're some shortcut I had never used or had no idea what it is for, like grouping, isolating, etc. This course is a life-savor ( save a lot of time creating a graphic) :D !! "

CLaire - 23 Apr 2018