Recent Reviews

"One day ago, I didn't know the first thing about InDesign -- and now I honestly feel like I could design an entire magazine from start to finish! Daniel explains everything perfectly and is super easy to follow along with. Loved that this class was only 5.5 hours so that I could knock it out in a day and get to work! "

Carmen - 19 Apr 2018

"- Enough info to leave you at a level where you're productive on your own. - Not enough to be laborious or a drag. Loving it so far. Haven't finished the course and I've already done a couple of mock-ups on my own with minimal googling. Feels fun."

Alfonso - 19 Apr 2018

"I think Dan is doing an astounding job--so far, although it's early to tell--of transmitting information. I'm totally interested!"

April - 19 Apr 2018

" Great lessons even for beginners. Dan explains every step clearly."

Chuan - 19 Apr 2018

"Good intro to building websites. Instructor responds to questions, will definitely be taking more courses of his!!"

Johnny - 19 Apr 2018

"Hi Dan, thank you so much for this course. It has really saved me, because I use to do my websites in Adobe Muse, but it has come to an end and I have tried to learn Dreamweaver and hardcoding so many times before and have never finished, but I could finally do it with this course. Now I really feel confident enough to do my first website in Dreamweaver, best of all without needing to be a coding expert which I will love, because I'm a visual person. Thanks again! Great course, I strongly recommend it for every visual designer who is struggling to learn how to code and still looking for a visual design alternative. "

Erivan - 18 Apr 2018

" First of all it's totally enjoyable and somewhat relaxing to follow this course. Second it really covers everything about the program from the time the videos were made (and has some updates on newer features). From my opinion it's really easy to catch up and learn from this lectures. I took this course to see if there's more to Adobe XD than I already know. To be honest, there was only like 10% or less of the course which brought me some new stuff/tricks, but that's absolutely not the fault of the course. It's more the fault in Adobe XD being so new and still lacking a good amount of features. Last words, I'm very keen on watching some other courses I bought from Daniel Scott! "

Stefan - 18 Apr 2018

"No words to say, Dan always makes us speechless with his incredible information in the right time at right pace. He is always straight to point and makes sure he covers all the important stuff a real designer needs to know. In short, if you gonna miss any information this guy provides us, you gonna surely miss a lot. This is my 2nd course from him and I started following this instructor on other social media too. You are my role model in this designing field sir, I wish I should master these skills like you soon! Respect!! (Note : Beginners, please don't give any second thought in taking his courses!! Just grab it :P)"

Manoja - 18 Apr 2018