Recent Reviews

"Dan is the Seriously this course is great. I am design illiterate and this was an immeasurably great way to enter the world. Thank you Dan, I am very excited to start the advanced course. "

Stephen - 22 Mar 2019

"I love his courses and I’ve bought Photoshop Cc essentials and acvanced and can’t wait to move on to advance. I’ve also bought indesign and illustrator because I just love to learn from this teacher. He has a soothing voice and great humor so I never get bored from hearing him! It’s great that the videos are short, and I like working along side him, even if I never publish my homeworks online. "

Diana - 21 Mar 2019

"I am loving this course! Instructions are very detailed which is so helpful! I am glad I upgraded to CC! "

Neena - 21 Mar 2019

"To help people understand how important is the feedback. To present the info in a clearly and easy to understand way its pretty much complicate. So, who create this course, really made it. "

Marina - 20 Mar 2019

"This is one of the best online classes I've taken, and I've taken a lot of them. I LOVE this instructor!! "

Tiffany - 20 Mar 2019

"The teacher is great, he explains everything straight to the point. His diction is super, sound and the tone of complete lectures is awesome. I have enrolled in three more Daniel's courses and have for him only positive comments :) "

Tamara - 20 Mar 2019

"Brilliant! It was a splendid course that I've enjoyed very much. I don't have to learn this for a living, but I'm doing adobe courses throughout 2019 to get more control over the whole CC thing, so I can be just a little more engaged in just being creative. And this was a great start. Will definately see more of your other courses later. Cheers :-) "

C.H. - 17 Mar 2019

"This is one AWESOME instructor. The course is easy to understand, uses simple layman's terms, refers to both the metric and imperial measurements, no messing around with flowery language, and FUNNY. I like the popups from the video editor. It's done in nice, small chunks so it doesn't feel plodding, heavy, or boring. I'm what, thirty percent through, and I think I can actually produce a decent, step above amateur booklet now! The trick though is how to find and use some of these things in the open-source Scribus program; like many people, I can't afford Adobe products, let alone be a subscriber to their cloud. Either way, the information is INVALUABLE, and I am so glad I bought this course! "

Jessica - 17 Mar 2019