Recent Reviews

"Great course, easy to follow and understand! Great instructor too!Already got more of his courses. Anyone thinking of getting Daniel's courses including Bootstrap Responsive Design using Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 go for it, you'll be glad you did it! Plus a bonus, i learnt in the same course how to transform a PSD website template into the responsive bootstrap website a benefit that isn't explicitly stated though in the course intro. Its like killing two birds with one stone. Almost all Dan's courses are like that you learn something extra that is relevant to web and graphic design and development."

Christine - 09 Jan 2018

"Great information, best class on XD I've seen. Instructor is knowledgeable, humble and likeable."

James - 08 Jan 2018

"So far seems very well made and thought out. I bought this product with a rough estimation of what I would be expecting to learn from this course, and so far has exceeded my expectations and went into far more detail! Thanks for a great course! -csabarnes"

Diana - 12 Dec 2017

"I just recommended this course to all my classmates in interactive media design. That’s how I like it. "

Arielle - 13 Dec 2017

"I really enjoyed this course learning the Adobe XD fro UI/UX and Web Design. This was my first UI/UX course and I am glad that I am a part of Adobe XD now. Great Instructor with friendly nature. Great Work! Thanks!"

Ashok - 02 Jan 2018

"Excellent course! The instructor Dan, explains every single step and detail clearly. Easy to follow for beginners learning InDesign."

Ying - 23 Dec 2017

"This course was fantastic. I've been using word for 20 years now and I didn't know 90% for the options I had available. The software has come a long way. Dan goes show enough to follow and builds on previous skills wonderfully. Great voice, I've forgone tutorials on youtube because the person has the most annoying voice but not so here! I will definitely be using this course as reference in the coming months."

Dale - 27 Dec 2017

"Great class! Very comprehensive for those who are just starting with InDesign."

Slava - 31 Dec 2017