Recent Reviews

"Favorite instructor on UDEMY so far. I will purchase every video he releases"

Mike - 14 Oct 2018

"I am a total beginner and english is not my native language. Still it is easy and comfortable to follow the lessons. I'm looking forward to working through the next levels."

Iris - 10 Oct 2018

"I really loved the course! My motivation was to layout my CV in a professional style. Within two days I was able to layout my CV in InDesign like I wanted it. I was able to modify the things I learned in the course for my own needs. Dan is really really good in explaining things and although Endlish is not my mother language following the course was really easy. Thank you so much!"

Julia - 10 Oct 2018

"I've finished Dan's Essentials courses for the main 3 Adobe graphic design apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) and I honestly can't recommend them enough. As stated in my other reviews, Dan has answered all of my questions without me even having to ask. His explanations are thorough and simple enough to understand. This is a beginner course, but by the end of it you'll feel very confident in your InDesign abilities. I will be moving onto the Advanced courses pretty soon! Thanks again Dan for the effort you put into your work! Show less"

Michael - 07 Oct 2018

"This is one of the Best courses on Udemy! Fun as well as engaging, Daniel Walter Scott makes Photoshop a BREEZE to learn!"

Michael - 05 Oct 2018

"This course was outstanding, I am currently pursuing my BS degree in Multimedia design and development and this course has helped me progress further in my work than my peers! Thank you, and I look forward to taking more courses from Daniel Walter Scott!"

Tonya - 05 Oct 2018

"This course goes beyond the basics and provides useful suggestions in getting started in UI design as a career. I've found the illustrator steps engaging and quite simplified. Looking forward for the next udemy tutorials by the same instructor."

Ulysses - 03 Oct 2018

"wonderful course, best instructor ever. Instructor leaves no room for doubts or confusing bits with the learner, explain everything. Thoroughly enjoying and I am actually learning a lot."

Devinda - 02 Oct 2018