Recent Reviews

" I am only about 1/3 of the way through the course, but I really like this teacher a lot. He is very engaging and doesn't take things too seriously so it's easy to absorb what's going on. So often after watching a few videos in a course it can be easy to zone out, but I like the pace of this course a lot and feel like I am truly learning not only how to use XD, but how to work with a client and what they are likely to expect. "

Katherine - 16 May 2018

"Dan is an excellent instructor, was enjoying every minute, of course, it is easy to see that Dan loves what he is doing - and he is sharing that energy with all of us. Given information is not boring and relevant. Found course very attractive and I am sure this course is not the last one which I am going to take. Totally reccomend! "

Lina - 15 May 2018

" This course was a great match, much better than other software courses I've taken so far. Personal video introductions are a big bonus, as are the 'at-home' exercises to follow along with the videos."

Elisabeth - 14 May 2018

"I absolutely love this instructor! Will use all their courses forever and always "

Rachel - 12 May 2018

"I had a FAB exp. w/ this course! I didn't fall asleep, and not once did I wish for it to be over with. Dan makes the course fun & engaging. I will be taking a few more regarding the subject. Thanks Dan & see u soon! Mark Logan"

Mark - 12 May 2018

"Excellent course! The instructor's knowledge, enthusiasm, and presentation of the material made it a pleasure to watch. Comprehensive and thorough, but to the point and easy to follow. I feel ready to hop right into Adobe XD. Thanks, Daniel! "

Dennis - 11 May 2018

"Before this course I didn't fully understand what UX was. Now I have got a grasp of it and I have put up a game plan using the information I got to create my own formulas relative to my field. This is by far the most engaging and comprehensive course in UX I have come across. Well done Daniel! "

Felix - 10 May 2018

"This Course was exactly what I was looking for and gained so much value from it. Thanks Dan you were very knowledgeable and knew your craft. I loved the pace of the videos and as you sped up your teaching in the course (due to excitement) I got excited too :)"

William - 09 May 2018