Recent Reviews

"Brilliant! It was a splendid course that I've enjoyed very much. I don't have to learn this for a living, but I'm doing adobe courses throughout 2019 to get more control over the whole CC thing, so I can be just a little more engaged in just being creative. And this was a great start. Will definately see more of your other courses later. Cheers :-) "

C.H. - 17 Mar 2019

"This is one AWESOME instructor. The course is easy to understand, uses simple layman's terms, refers to both the metric and imperial measurements, no messing around with flowery language, and FUNNY. I like the popups from the video editor. It's done in nice, small chunks so it doesn't feel plodding, heavy, or boring. I'm what, thirty percent through, and I think I can actually produce a decent, step above amateur booklet now! The trick though is how to find and use some of these things in the open-source Scribus program; like many people, I can't afford Adobe products, let alone be a subscriber to their cloud. Either way, the information is INVALUABLE, and I am so glad I bought this course! "

Jessica - 17 Mar 2019

"Another Dan's course about a Adobe software I didn't know and now I know. You'll learn here all you need to know about Adobe XD to start making your own websites and apps mockups. It sounds like a low-budget commercial but really these courses are great (my seventh one). I've created a lot, I've learned a lot. That's it. Hoping for Dan to receive best instructor on Udemy reward. He deserves it. "

Jędrzej - 16 Mar 2019

"I really love this course. It has taught me pretty much everything I need to know about UI UX design and also how to use the Adobe XD Software. I've gotten everything I wanted in this course. Thanks! "

Chinenye - 15 Mar 2019

"Ich habe noch nie so viel über Adobe Illustrator gelernt wie mit diesem Kurs von Dan. Daumen hoch! "

Ahmet - 14 Mar 2019

"I just finished the first lesson and am insanely excited. Dan made it easy to jump right in. I love that we start with actually creating something rather than just talking theory. It makes it easier to see how the tools will be used. I'm only 10% in (also bought the advanced course!) so I am SO excited to really dive in and learn to create. "

Amanda - 11 Mar 2019

"Hello World! I just finished the course Indesign Essentials and I want to thank the instructor Daniel for this content. The lectures are amazing, full of helpful content and delivered in a fun and relaxed way. I always looked forward to the next lessons and projects. I am really happy I found this course, and now I will go on my way to the Advanced Indesign Course. Thank you! "

Daniele - 10 Mar 2019

"[Edit] I'm a quarter way through this course, and I've learned a lot more in three days than in three years in university. Honestly, this is a great course to do if you're enrolling to any graphic design degree. I wish I had done this course before graduating from university. ----- It's easy to follow. I haven't used Adobe After Effects in a year or two now, so it's good to pick up where I left off. The program he's using is up-to-date, so there's no confusion. The pace is good so far, although I do have to find myself pausing a lot, that is just part of learning. "

Christine - 10 Mar 2019