Recent Reviews

"This was a great match for me. The instructor explains everything very well. If I had a question it was already answered in the Q&A Section."

Marisa - 15 Aug 2018

"I love this course!! Great way to learn Adobe InDesign. Daniel Walter Scott... yes, I'm talking to you. :) You have an awesome personality! You kept me entertained throughout this course. You could have been going through a phone book and I would have still been entertained. The InDesign information was an added bonus. :) Thank you for making this course available! I am looking forward to your advanced course, which I'm getting ready to start."

Jim - 15 Aug 2018

"This is perfect for where my knowledge level is right now. The trainer is AMAZING. He is to the point, very informative, explains everything he does and WHY he does it so that I can truly understand how the program works. That's HUGE! Also, he is entertaining without rambling on. JUST PERFECT!"

Tracie - 13 Aug 2018

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course! The instructor is very enthusiastic and brings a lot of fun, positive energy to the course - looking forward to taking more classes with him! Thank you Dan :)"

Ariana - 13 Aug 2018

"I enjoyed the course a lot! the explanation was very clear and direct and all the classes were so friendly and funny haha I learnt a lot and had amazingly fun with the instructor. I'm definitely gonna buy another course of him!"

Parkjinah - 09 Aug 2018

"This is my second course with you.... I've done others with what could only be described as more boring than saw dust..... I feel your energy and damn it makes the course better."

Colin - 07 Aug 2018

" Absolutely brilliant. One weekend and I am already creating a prototypes for site samples... Being a frontend / graphic designer I felt the wire-framing to be dull and time consuming, but when I showed some people what I was doing (during the course) they commented on the look (why is this image in the top?... blah blah) more than the functionality. Which proves that the wire-framing beforehand is an essential part of the process, no matter how badly you want to tweak it or make it great looking from the start. Really enjoyed it. Thanks Instructor :)"

Marina - 04 Aug 2018

"Dan, Dan, Dan, You are awesome!!! This is one of the best courses I have taken on Udemy. After I complete this course, I will be willing to take your other courses as well. So far, you have helped me tremendously. The information you deliver is like gold."

Derrick - 30 Jul 2018