Recent Reviews

"Wow!!! Learning InDesign is not for the 'faint of heart', yet Dan made this subject extremely enjoyable and I only need to review everything once more and I am currently about to jump in and create my first workbook and it's not scary anymore. Thank you so much Dan for all of your hard work. It shows you are a 'master of your trade'. Hugs, Janet"

Janet - 13 Dec 2018

"It was a great match so far. I like to practice due diligence before I make any purchase large or small. I filtered out mediocre instructors and found Dan to have great reviews and above the expectation of experience. More also, he is certified by Adobe. It gave me peace of mind to make the purchase. Now, only 3 lessons in, I'm sold. I expect to learn much more from this veteran and am very pleased. It's an honor to work with such a skilled artist. With gratitude, Jose Daniel"

Jose - 07 Dec 2018

"I absolutely loved this course!! I have done other masterclasses, but this one was so much fun, engaging and gave me so much more in the application of the different tools with fantastic examples. This course was exactly what I was hoping it would be in terms of learning additional applications for tools I was already using. The repetitiveness in announcing the shortcuts as they were being used, was actually great in helping embed these shortcuts into my brain. This is a great teaching technique...keep using it! This was so much fun, I found it hard to switch off...I binge watched all of it. The exercises are fun and I have learnt so much more in this course, than I have in some more lengthier courses. This course had real world applications, which was helpful too. Highly recommend!! Can't wait to do more courses from Dan :) "

Jasmin - 05 Dec 2018

"I am a web developer with no design experience, and I decided I wanted to dabble in design. I Loved Dan's course. Although I have been buying Udemy courses for many years, this is the first course I have finished right through! I was so impressed I have already bought a couple of Dan's other courses, and I plan to spend some time developing my design skills"

Graeme - 05 Dec 2018

"This course is amazing! You learn all the basics so fast and without any problem! The exercises are very helpful and if you don't remember something you can just go back and watch the video lessons again and again! For me as a beginner it works 100%! Dan is such a cool instructor! All i have to say is "So far, so good" Now let's jump to the advance cource of Adobe Illustrator!!!"

Grigorios - 04 Dec 2018

"This class has changed my life, my mind, and possibly my career. Thank you Daniel! Let’s get a drink next time you’re in LA! I just finished the class and I loved every second of it! Now to start creating things in the world! "

Andre - 02 Dec 2018

"I am a total beginner with Illustrator, but somehow I managed to produce usable results and that makes me proud. But the credit for this goes alone to Dan. He is a great tutor and a very kind person. I enjoyed every second of this course and binged it in like 3 days. 10/10 Would do again!"

Tom - 01 Dec 2018

"Photoshop is daunting and can turn you around after you've been working with illustrator for so long. This course makes navigating Photoshop very easy and you quickly gain the skills to work through it. A+ "

William - 01 Dec 2018